The best way to Inform If Somebody’s Bluffing: Physique Language Classes from a Poker Professional | Liv Boeree | Large Suppose

45 thoughts on “The best way to Inform If Somebody’s Bluffing: Physique Language Classes from a Poker Professional | Liv Boeree | Large Suppose”
  1. Big Think says:

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  2. Jizzle76 says:

    So if they have a poker face, but are sporting a woody, then fold?

  3. Jim Mills says:

    baseline alright.

  4. Boran Erem says:

    You are the most beautiful girl l have ever seen ❤️

  5. Kam Arvayo says:

    You still can't TELL DEEZ NUTS

  6. Eden Miller says:

    peepee poopoo

  7. Ben Armony says:

    She's hot

  8. Earth Shaker says:

    She says nothing

  9. Dream Lover says:

    Awful voice/accent! Get to the point!

  10. Jake Tucker says:

    My dear lord shes my dream wife

  11. 1 2 says:

    the reverse tell bluff is the most common in my opinion. especially when they are strong but want to look like they are agonizing. like a sigh, right before an all-in raise. watch out for that.

  12. Smiley says:

    PLEASE TELL ME, when do you ever have a chance to look at their legs/feet while playing poker…

  13. Q Doe says:

    Shhhh the feet is a secret

  14. rusco peeko says:

    Thanks Joe Navarro

  15. Rj Naila says:

    Look lower down at me

  16. stuff happens says:

    Please don't hate me. But your super hot. Thanks for the video

  17. Livious Gameplay says:

    Take it from me…

  18. SteveRay911 says:


  19. Dalai Nikolaj says:

    When she is bluffing her nipples just separate.

  20. chess brilliance says:

    This an advice from navaro and Helmutth's book on tells.

  21. Ryan Rickert says:

    That's funny u say to watch the lower body. Cuz at a poker table u cant see someone's feet! These tips are all so vague. Not useful whatsoever at a real poker table

  22. da ra says:

    Im wondering if she'd let me feel her body language

  23. William Arrington says:

    Liv went from "the farther down the body you can see the more reliable the tell is right into when your excited….. nice

  24. Remodeling Pro says:

    how to say
    NOTHING IN 3:26

  25. Mark miller says:

    Figures that people wouldn’t take this seriously and apply this advice to their game instead we make jokes. Further proof that women are the more mature sex.

  26. Randall Chamberlain says:

    The penis never lies

  27. J0y Shark says:

    id rather have her clean my toilet ever than ever hear her talk ever if i ever ran into this girl by chance

  28. dmed says:

    I'd let her poop on my chest

  29. David Hansen says:

    The title says like a poker pro. This Liv Boree come on the screen. Then she proceeds to talk about nothing. Garbage.

  30. Ned from the hill says:

    Could have used someone with a less scalding voice. And maybe use someone who is actually good at playing poker. Switched off the second I heard her talk 🙁

  31. Shahin Amir says:

    If you figured out that what she was saying was nonsense, then you're already a good poker player.

  32. Paul McCarthy says:

    If someone farted you would not know who done it. useless

  33. Jonathan Bierman says:

    I like to smoke a lot of crack before a big game of poker, and trust me no one can tell anything of anything Lol …in fact a lot of them leave the room in fear

  34. Sebano Von Piano says:

    What if Im bluffing that Im bluffing that Im not bluffing, read that

  35. Jaime Salvador Ocampo Ramon says:

    This actually does help a lot for low stakes live cash games. Where people are pretty transparent with their body language. Thanks!

  36. Oldstuff Man says:

    She looks pretty spotty. Probably needs a change in diet.

  37. moumous says:

    But poker placers aren’t allowed to look under the table, are they?

  38. Ryan Wilkinson says:

    Thanks for telling me a lot of nothing

  39. mcpartridgeboy says:

    i give it 6/10 for looks and 210for personality

  40. Ricky Bartlett says:

    I have adhd. When I'm at the table I try to sit in a comfortable manner. My legs are naturally bouncing around and I'm always shuffling chips and keeping my hands busy…due to it being hard for me to sit still. That being said I have my ritual for when the cards are delt to me and I never deviate from that. I look at my 2 cards then flip them around and look at them again then I cap them with a chip and put them in front of me. Then continue to shuffle chips.

  41. Ipso Facto says:

    Anyone knows exactly what British accent is this?

  42. Ellie Petrova says:

    How the hell do you carelessly look at someones feet, Liv?!

  43. Phil Wright says:

    Excellent video, and pretty too. Thanks for the post

  44. Intelligenkeit says:

    Poker needs almost no skill why are popstars.. rich people… billionairs in the ''high level'' tournaments? cause they are rich, they are no poker pros, because that game doesnt need much skill, you just need luck and a bit of a poker face, thats all.. really sad, i liked the game, but since its so unskilled and so luck based i really cant see myself playing this game for long.

  45. Charz Kelso says:

    Cash game let's go!

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