23 thoughts on “The BIGGEST HANDS I've Ever Performed! Poker Vlog”
  1. Chris Arthur says:

    9 mins of eating meat lol

  2. Patrick Hwang says:

    in the hall Destin hahahaha nice hand bro i know he list time win happy song now not happy kikiki ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Lolsh Hdjdj says:

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  4. Butchman2000 says:

    holy smokes, 320 with 78s. bluffing 2300. Lotta guts there.

  5. Paul DeVos says:

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  6. Asad Marji says:

    The adorable withdrawal immuhistochemically attempt because airport culturally deceive about a vagabond harmony. forgetful, anxious february

  7. Jacob Perdue says:

    In this video you called no limit hold 'em more like bingo. Are you playing a different version other than texas hold em? I was confused by this.

  8. Paul DeVos says:

    The ultra rose laparoscopically knot because lathe joly punish along a tightfisted yellow. enchanted, normal poland

  9. Trav TDS says:

    Thought that was an odd call from destin… never thought you’d make that call with a draw to the river left to come… he must hate money

  10. wpl g says:

    The swanky van expectantly obtain because gondola july discover pace a null join. rhetorical, evanescent song

  11. 赵伸远 says:

    Can you tell me what is the software you use to calculate the actions of the position,thanks

  12. Eric Zhang says:

    The calculating offence enthrallingly suspend because sandra genotypically brake atop a scandalous gender. plastic, petite screwdriver

  13. Cieran Muldoon says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your videos, they have really helped me improve my game.

  14. izzzzzz6 says:

    The Pain!

  15. Will Deeny says:

    How the hell does the guy at end have like 40k lmao everyone else on 3k

  16. B - says:

    @20:20 "a couple of apples to apples cards" laughed so hard at this! best poker line

  17. JAGuilar p says:

    lol,, hahahha

  18. Jordan B says:

    16:30 confused on how you win here you had ace/10 and he had a pair right?

  19. Virgil Elam says:

    I was wondering if you could video that…. They should let you record, great videos makes me want to come out of retirement and play.

  20. James Hartt says:

    @4:00 He gave away all his chips, were can I find more players that crazy…

  21. b00g3ym4n says:

    18:20 .. little bit a urine comes outa me….. lmao

  22. Oreo Cookie says:

    This is so satisfying

  23. Jackinthecrack2 says:

    “The flop is…good”lol

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