26 thoughts on “The DIRTIEST MOVE in POKER of all time ♠️ Finest Poker Clips ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. md yazid bin sarnin says:

    HAHAHAHA! GAMBLING is dirty itself.

  2. M P says:

    Hey, poker is all about deceit, right?

  3. JiveDadson says:

    The floor should have the absolute power to assure that players do not profit from angle-shooting. Give the victim his choice: angle-shooter calls or raises.

  4. Nate W says:

    Few things wrong here with floorman. The player announced raise as he was putting in calling chips. Verbal is binding. The player must raise, but the amount of the raise should not be determined by the floorman. The floorman does not play the players cards or his chips. Nor does the floorman team up with the player and make his betting amount decision for him. The player has the right to raise any amount up to and including all of his chips. The player decides the amount of his raise. Always.
    The fact that he said "just call" is irrelevant. You cannot announce a different action after declaring raise and have it stand. Any announced action after the raise declaration is null and void.
    Also, the floorman should never disclose information about this player in the middle of a hand that may influence the other players decision or action. That is just totally wrong. After the hand is over, fine.
    The floorman executed prejudice and bias based on prior information that may or may not be true. No situation is exactly the same. Tense situations can make people very nervous.
    If this guy was trying to work an angle then it would make more sense for him to argue that when he declared raise, and if the floor rules that he is required to raise, then he should be able to determine the raise amount, not the floorman. He never argued this point and agreed to a min raise. If he was truly trying to angle shoot, then he would surely not be happy with a min raise.

  5. Rob Rochon says:

    The rule needs to be changed. When a player angleshoots like that where clearly he was attempting to feign weakness when he has the nuts he should be penalized and penalized harshly. This is what I propose should be done…
    …in a case like what we have just seen where the player declares "raise" and then says "call" (thus denoting a minimum raise) the pit gets called and should make a ruling. The player attempting to angleshoot should be forced to put the minimum raise into the pot as dead money and the action be taken away from him. His opponent should then be allowed to act one more time – either bet again if it turns out he really likes his hand, or he can just check and have them open their hands. I've proposed this to other players before and I've been told that its too harsh but I think that this player really should be treated harshly because the opponent could have a lot of money at stake and he's just gotten mind-fucked by this. The cheating player should never have an opportunity to profit further from that act.

  6. Galileocan g says:

    The man is basically a cheater. There should be a rule to disqualify a player who has acted like this in the past and is well known to the supervisor/floor. The man is blatantly cheating and should have been severely penalized or eliminated from the tournament and banned from circuit poker

  7. Apollyon81 says:

    That’s totally an angle. That was pretty dirty. “I no speak English.” Wow.

  8. frederick bangs says:

    What a SCUMBAG !

  9. mpgxsvcd says:

    The rest of the table should have just ganged up against him.

  10. Lane Tomkow says:


  11. chilly rooster says:

    I have a crew waiting for his punk ass in the parking lot

  12. Cohen The Show says:

    The worst part is that he actually missed a lot of value in this hand i think the opponent would've called a much larger raise anyways

  13. F Dc says:

    Dirty. Ban the cheat.

  14. Denis Folcik says:

    Well pretty sure we found the biggest pos in poker out there. Makes "Hellmouth" 's look decent.

  15. elie haddad says:

    Imagine how sick it would be if after this hand he did the same as a bluff. Since the other players saw him do his trick with the the nuts.. Now he can be forced to midraise while bluffing and people will fold instantly

  16. R C says:

    How does this guy not walk around with a black eye or casts?

  17. Brian Miller says:

    He should be banned from the tour. Period.

  18. 707 SaV says:

    That's more than dirty but he did save the guy money thou

  19. william fox says:

    Well handled by the floor. Hope Fraitez got a penalty for repeating this crap play. Not a reputation you want to have as a poker player.

  20. Change0faNickel says:

    If even the TD was aware of his previous angle shooting in this tournament, and then catches him doing it again, then I wouldn't blame him for just disqualifying him right then and there. Give him 10th place money and then distribute his chips among the remaining 9. Absolutely disgusting behavior and it shouldn't be tolerated once, let alone twice.

  21. Kasper says:

    This is the first time in history I've seen a floorperson act competently, decisively, and correctly on TV.
    Good job, dude! Bonus points for openly mocking his conduct!

  22. David Polybius says:

    If the tournament director was so disgusted by Freitez doing this not once, but twice, why didn't he disqualify him from the tournament?

  23. Hitchcock Timothy says:

    I heard about this guy but I'll give him more money anyway??

  24. Ether Secure says:

    Cheeky bugger, lol. But really its so lame that he could only pull that off once now that its been done on a main stage like this. Like honestly you've made it to a televised event and you really want me to believe that you'd make a stupid mistake like that? It's a dead giveaway once you've seen it once already.

  25. Adam Grizzly says:

    Funny thing is, he actually saved the guy some money by doing this. The floor made him min raise. If he had raised 3 or 4 times the river bet, the guy with kings may have still called. By forcing him to only min raise, it lowered the amount the guy had to call. Still a shitty move though

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