13 thoughts on “The Easy Poker Newbie Technique I Use to Make $20 a Day”
  1. BlackRain79Poker says:

    Have you used this beginner poker strategy before? Also, check out my other video on how to make $100 a day playing poker: https://youtu.be/eOKCgAu9iKY

  2. Justin Laux says:

    I hear that trips vs set argument in casinos way too often. In annoys the shit out of me, but I guess I shouldn't complain because they're both punting their stacks off to me.

  3. manu thankappan says:


  4. StreetSoulLover says:

    And this is why the micro-stakes tables on Stars are full of Russian and Belarussian nits…they are grinding out income, I don't want to play against those players, I wanna play against soft fat crap players at the local casino and make bank! Find the games you can win!

  5. Martinez says:

    Despite all happening in the market now,Investing in crypto is still and will be the only big chance of making money without stress.

  6. Denstreet1 says:

    Better to see videos about situations where u missed a flop, and these are about 40-50 % of hands. I watched several of ur videos, and they are mostly all the same. when u are a way ahead, it is easy to teach a strategy how to win). What would you do if u missed the flop?

  7. Michael Mulvania says:

    I was already a winning player before I read your Poker cheat sheet but after reading it you increased my win rate by at least 50%. Thanks



  9. rockpile says:

    If you have the time and inclination, you could do a few videos about lifestyle differences between Western countries and where you live now. There may be some younger people who are wondering about the pros and cons of following a path you've taken.

  10. Eric Corcoran says:

    I feel like I could make this same video and have it be titled: "How to think you're making $20/day but they actually flopped a str8 and you have a cooler again and are actually losing $20/day…"

  11. Веня Миллиардер says:

    when i have set on the flop all pass)

  12. Abhimanyu Mittal says:

    Obviously if you keep hitting sets you can make hundreds of dollars everyday. Duh!

  13. owenocalla says:

    So the secret is hit a set and have players bet into u with air? Great strategy

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