30 thoughts on “The Huge Sport S1 ♠️ W1, E1 ♠️ That includes Negreanu, Brunson, Laak and extra ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. PokerStars says:

    Which of these poker legends is your favorite pro? Let us know why! ♠

  2. Evan Reynoso says:

    I wish Phil Ivey was on this show

  3. QT8270 says:


  4. Connor Watkins says:

    LC was a fish man, hard to watch. Glad they got some better players in the following weeks.

  5. Manuel Briceño says:

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  6. freeflowme says:

    I’m in the process of starting over and re-watching all of these episodes again from the beginning. This is such good entertainment, especially when Tony G and Phil Hellmuth are nvolved.

  7. Ybjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt says:


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  9. Ggg Hhh says:

    best table ever

  10. Marc Garrett says:

    I've watched 10 minutes. If he doesn't get busted in the first 2 days I'll be surprised. And I think I'm being generous.

  11. Harry Meyer says:

    I hope Ernest had fun because his play was awful. Making big bets and winning small pots or losing. Oh, and talking way too much.

  12. Robert Hannaman says:

    The blonde chick is amazing….

  13. T k says:

    This may be the first black guy daniel has ever met in person

  14. Cooper Lindsay says:

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  15. GamesPsych117 says:

    10:10 seems like the loose cannon has a BIG MOUTH

  16. andy wood says:

    These guys were so much fun to watch. When they were together games were lively. When they continually tried to get Hellmuth to blow his stack and then sat there snickering was too much. Tony G. needling Phil Hellmuth was so entertaining. Excellent poker too.

  17. Krzysztof Zukowski says:

    Loose cannon lit up like a Christmas tree when he got the two pair. Go back to bingo young man, poker is not for you.

  18. Jimmy Kiddo says:

    38:51 they showed the turn as it was the flop XD

  19. Kleine Raupe says:

    Hahaha gotta love Tony g. Playing super loose and bad but so damn lucky ^^ funny dude

  20. Yellowstone300 says:

    38:54 Lol they showed the turn here

  21. German Gamer Dad says:

    Could they get a more annoying loose cannon?

  22. D F says:

    Loose Cannon was really something

  23. Ryan Schaper says:

    ernest is electric

  24. lo Brian says:

    are they deliberately not showing Daniel's folded hands?…

  25. ccNuts says:

    Well, the loose cannon blows it up big time

  26. firelord9000 says:

    damn hard to watch with this noob

  27. zog zog says:

    Negreanu is the 'Sage' wannabe. Always makes a rediction. Just like Hitler – bets both ways and claims victory after the result. All smooth but you win in front of the losers.

  28. Anthony Martinez says:

    33:13 epic stutter

  29. Anthony Martinez says:

    It's nice they allowed an autistic person to play with the pros.

  30. Din Djarin says:

    The big game season 1 week 1 is like the first season of True Detective.. a fucking CULT

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