1. firstwest247 says:

    do a – same machine, different casino segment

  2. Daniel Mchale says:

    Dos Equis will be saying stay gambling my friends stay gambling ..I know he said stay thirsty my friends in a beer commercial

  3. imn bama says:

    Gigi is so happy!

  4. Wiseguy says:

    Positive energy guy and cute dog=I watch

  5. Chris Mardis says:

    That last spin save on the leprechaun game was unbelievable. Would of loved to see the bonus on that one. Great video!

  6. JasonGee1214 says:

    Bro my dog looks just like your dog!!

  7. Paul Benally says:

    You have the best videos. TBH these machines are still new.

  8. robin traina says:

    good job

  9. T M says:

    Still waiting for you to go nuts playing Press Your Luck.

  10. Mary Klus says:

    Thanks for another good video. Ur pup is adorable

  11. Jed Ballard says:

    Cool pup

  12. Robert Forsey says:

    Thank's a million for another great video!!!
    Wishing you and yours the very best my friend!!

  13. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice.

  14. Cees Van der Schoot says:

    Even as a tourist i prolly would avoid the Strip .

  15. Julie Remillard says:

    Yay for the win! My next visit to Vegas I will be looking for you. I love your energy!

  16. Cees Van der Schoot says:

    Dude u look like your growing again , please watch yourself u deserve a good and healty life !!! This remark is not ment negative in anyway .

  17. Robert Scranton says:

    I like all you do. You do what makes you the happiest and I'm sure we'll both enjoy. Can't always please the masses.

  18. Dispicable Meme says:

    Hey vlr its my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to the casino for the first time since covid. Wish me luck!

  19. dave fryer says:

    Nice to see u walking your dog looks beautiful in vegas unlike here in Canada we are locked down and no where to go Great video VLR dave London ontario Canada

  20. Akkari Hamza says:

    I like your video bro every day waiting for the new video boom boom good luck for you always from Tunisia

  21. lookfun78 says:

    That Monopoly can pay big if you get a jackpot. Imagine getting the bonus with the grand.

  22. Vegas On Air says:

    Shared on Vegas On Air . com

  23. Mary Jackson says:

    Im certainly glad you finally got in the win realm.. LOL I was etching some new wrinkles on my forehead from frowning and getting a headache. Thanks for the show. Happy you did not go home empty handed.

  24. Bonnie Marty's Mom says:

    Another wonderful video with Gigi!! I just love that girl and of course her Hooman dad, VLR!

  25. Lyle Barnard says:

    Henderson was better that Monopoly game has some huge potential if you were to hit those big numbers while getting the free spins and get them awarded

  26. diana durling says:

    Much better today, not so much screaming & more relaxed, Now keep up the good work.. Love yaaa.

  27. ammy okami says:

    top of the morning to you danm and sweet puppy good luck

  28. Michael Knight says:

    I live on the east side of vegas, would love to take some spins with you at some point!

  29. Jonny Banderas says:

    He definetly put on some winter weight

  30. Sweet Pea says:

    I am in a place were cansinos are closed still. Miss it so much. Tried gambling on line but it’s not the same as gambling in the casino and getting all pound and excited like VLR. Wooh-hoo .

  31. Glenn Clarke says:

    Been watching from the uk for a while now, love the enthusiasm on litrally every spin, its like listening to Seth Rogen playing slots

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