1. Carlos Cepeda Tamara says:

    Hello, I am from Colombia, I am a faithful subscriber to your YouTube channel, I am going through a very bad situation, the truth is that yesterday I played in the casino and I lost approximately 5500 dollars, they were for my university and I do not know what happened to me yesterday, please if you could help me I would appreciate it a lot for life.
    Please help me bro.

  2. Damanik Channel says:

    This cud fuking pay!

  3. MixG Racing says:

    bro went from a $600 balance to 60K in ten fucking minutes. Holy shit thats some life changing money

  4. Jason Ryan says:

    I told you it could pay -wheresdabutter

  5. JOlX says:

    that’s funny because that’s is the shit bonus compared to the other one

  6. Bradford W Ramsden says:

    Online blackjack/gambling is evil and for suckers.

  7. Nate Mamrosh says:

    Anyone know the Nickleback song at the beginning

  8. Livada says:

    Take this money and go enjoy on Brasil, JAR or somewere 10 days. You deserve that

  9. Andrew Barnabei says:

    Damn you said this is dog got ran over vibes… we just put my dog down today and as soon as I hopped in my car this song was playing

  10. Robby Taylor says:

    Just got the call. Buffalo is gonna squirt

  11. riyad shafi21 says:

    Give me some money

  12. TwinsOfQuietus says:

    So the popsicle's did come in handy, better get two to cool off.

  13. TheChipmunksGM says:

    Bro i need you upload every time , if you don't upload something videos ITS NOT PRETTY GOOD DUDE

  14. Jim Zonneveld says:

    I wanna see a mil

  15. PEJUANG SLOTT 07 says:

    Slotter and youtube indonesia

  16. Pablo says:

    That's crypto for you…….

  17. A D I T Y A says:

    PRAFIT ❤️

  18. GameFreaks NL says:

    You really need to fix your mic, i get why it does that to block out the background noice but i really dont like how it fades out every second

  19. Ascend says:

    Jesus christ that machine didnt even give a fuck, here's another 15k and 7.5k no biggie man

  20. Mike De Castro says:

    Nice going. Let's Go!. Thats just like gem bonanza but it gives profit..

  21. totojeuxconcours says:

    We see that video before

  22. Allister Graham says:

    Those stakes are ridiculous, surprised u sustained a balance for that long, I would eat that whole balance quicker with 20c spins knowing my luck

  23. Kyle says:

    Saw you uploaded and immediately clicked off what I was watching

  24. corey stanfill says:

    You crack me up.

  25. Crazzeuuh says:

    Let's gooo new vid again

  26. Trader Pemula says:

    Pretty good

  27. Kokkie Utrecht says:

    We want to see more blackjack and less slots

  28. Silto Flyergamingz says:

    Great to see more vids man

  29. leelogan ._. says:

    Crazy you been pumping out the vids lately man.

  30. Bray1Ofahkind says:


  31. Vir Rajjwada says:

    That's really pretty goood

  32. Chandler Tolman says:

    24th comment

  33. Ørjan Sommer says:


  34. dingus bob says:

    sean paul vibes

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