27 thoughts on “The MOST ABSURD POKER FOLDS ever televised in WPT occasions!”
  1. sine moderamine says:

    me folding with the best hand: "They've definitely got the nuts I just have to fold here."
    me calling with a marginal hand: "They're definitely bluffing this time!"

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  3. 26bisket says:

    Lmaoooooooo fold queens

  4. 26bisket says:

    No reason whatsoever to fold acequeen

  5. Rosalinda Escobar says:

    U tube doing a great job.

  6. PeteeBen says:

    I think they made “the wrong play at the right time”

  7. Prazat Kumai says:

    Do "when you hit runner runner"

  8. Marc Monsonego says:

    Sometimes u just gotta
    Call. I’d rather be in a cooler video where I lose than the worst calls ever

  9. Melodic Egghead says:


  10. Septicor says:

    I thought the Jennifer Tilly folding a full house would be here.

  11. Ohane Krikorian says:

    This honestly makes me mad lol

  12. Shamim Bina says:

    Wow just wow…. smh lol!!!

  13. Magic Hands says:

    Seen Hoyt do this before, and it looks strange in todays game, but you dont go broke with limped aces. If you limp aces, you better be prepared to fold em.

  14. Sam Rivers says:

    10:20 this is a spot you dream of seeing. QQ vs TT on a nine high rainbow board. Your opponent has no choice but to almost always lose at least two bets, yet he checks back the flop which was equally bad as his fold on the turn. If he wants to have overpairs when he checks back he should mix in a hand like AA occasionally instead of a hand with the vulnerability of Queens. He messed this hand up very very badly.

  15. Pain Killer says:

    "If you had queens you're doing a good job kid" says the 16 yr old teen

  16. rd711 says:

    George Clooney made him fold the A. What an actor.

  17. Pain Killer says:

    Some of these are not even bluffs. Just bad folds. The guy with KJ wasn't bluffing. He just though he had the best hand with middle pair jacks since the other two checked. If you're in the business of folding AQs with a top pair, you're in a bad business.

  18. Tuk asfuk says:

    Never seen the wondercam until this video. Kinda fun

  19. Sam Rivers says:

    11:50 chino doesn't believe him at all because folding queens there isn't a thing.

  20. Gohawks88 says:

    Lol the thumbnail

  21. Renan E só says:

    Jogadores de merda… pqp

  22. Wise Warrior says:

    Well well, let's talk seriously.
    If you do this "bad" "surprising" "absurd" folds and your opponent did not have it u look stupid. But if you do them and your opponent had the nuts now you're genious. So my question is : can we judge ? ofc not.

  23. misclic 2 says:

    ahahahahahahahaaha …ahaghahahaahaa..taaaanks ..we need more of these

  24. How Bowdah says:

    Scared money don’t make money

    Nvm the folds were right. Wtf

  25. Big B says:

    Alternate title…"when limping big and checking flop puts you in a tough spot".

  26. Арынов Шынгызхан says:

    Am of Kazakhstan. Hello.

  27. Slobodan Reka says:

    First hand: "Please let me hit an ace."

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