8 thoughts on “The Move on line casino formally opens in Henderson”
  1. Eloe Elwe says:

    Spouse and I went on the second night. Spent a half hour playing at the old island bar and never got any service, and got less than 5% return on gambling. Spent another half hour at the video Keno and poker games on the floor, and lost our asses. The cocktail waitress came through the area, tried to get her attention, but just walked away with out a word. Food prices are too high compared to the other fine restaurants in the area. So it's a HARD PASS for me at this once fun casino. OH yeah, there isn't even BINGO any more. Very sad……

  2. AkaPWAYG COC says:

    For anyone who’s wondering…
    I went there tonight with my brother (Saturday night) the black Jack tables had a $10 minimum —> $300 maximum bet. Not sure about craps. And the roulette table they have was only a $2 minimum. Everything was so clean and nice. Only issue I had with the place is how HOT it was inside. Idk if the AC is broke or just non existent. That’s the only bad thing about the place though.

  3. Yutube SuspendedMyAccount says:

    You can tell that dealer at 1:40 is new just by the way he handled and struggled with chips.

  4. Chris Starr says:

    The silver knights???

  5. Scott Miller says:

    Hope the cocktail waitress are hot

  6. Les Rosin says:

    I'll always remember The Eldorado in it's prime. It was a fun busy casino back then when the Deuces Wild machines were against the wall, but over the years kept going downhill faster and faster. I'm very glad The Pass opened up and will visit very soon, as I live in Henderson. Heck I could go anytime 24/7

  7. Michael Key says:

    There's a gambling joint at ever corner now like gas stations, at least in NC, "Business Centers" everywhere

  8. Alfonso Flores says:

    Can't wait to shoot dice on that crap table and take the money and run at the courtesy of the pass

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