26 thoughts on “🎤 The NEW George Lopez Slot Machine 🎰 San Manuel On line casino”
  1. dj kasper says:

    Your supposed to hold the A JQ10

  2. Wayne Texeira says:

    WHAT!!!?? ,,,Where is the Richard Pryor slots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Donna McCann says:


  4. DJ John Bee says:

    George Lopez is a A hole.

  5. PJ says:

    Hi Brian, you actually can’t get the multiplier on super times pay on the draw. You have to be playing Double Super Times Pay to have the chance of a multiplier on the draw. Double super times pay also costs 7 coins per hand rather than 6. Just thought you’d want to know. You are a treat to watch.

  6. Juan Antonio Suazo says:

    It’s a coin new safemoon

  7. Jesse Montero says:

    And cool vid! Not sure why George Lopez needs a slot machine but
    .whatever lol

  8. Jesse Montero says:

    Hi Brian i was wondering if you can recommend me a good online casino…i dont get out much so i want to try that..thanx 4 your help

  9. Brenda Redmond says:

    Thanks for sharing. Always fun to watch you and Britt. God Bless

  10. Co Co Stone says:

    That George Lopez machine is hard to win on…I don't play it anymore. Bonuses are hard to come by

  11. San Manuel Casino says:

    We had the World Premiere of this slot!

  12. Monica Mcgoff says:

    That may jus tg be the worst game ive ever seen

  13. California Life Tv says:

    When are you going to be in Vegas because I’m going this weekend

  14. weerobot says:


  15. Cheryl Day says:

    Will never play a George Lopez themed game, he disgusts me

  16. Agnes Smith says:

    Hi Brian and Britt … Was hoping that poker machine would be nicer to you… Darn !

  17. J D says:

    Meatwad was on Lopez tonight

  18. Robert Wright says:

    Couldn't watch this one George Lopez sickens me!

  19. Abel Flores says:

    Ta Loco George Lopez

  20. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Next time

  21. angry bird99 says:

    George lopez is still alive?

  22. Murder INC says:

    I dont think anyone asked for a George Lopez slot machine. We all want a BC slot machine that says "Bonza", "Beauuutiful" and "Rude"!!!!!!!!!

  23. Carla Berry says:

    Ocean Magic can be lots of fun when you it's being nice.

  24. kay regulski says:

    I love George Lopez but I’m not impressed with his game

  25. ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay says:

    George Lopez is a pos

  26. Gregory Charles says:

    Brian you were babling so bad this morning on video poker I had to put you on mute. Sorry

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