23 thoughts on “The Official Podcast #88: On line casino Royale”
  1. Frankie Arenas says:

    Jackson seems upset, why?

  2. Anez says:

    kaya looks like a real bond villain

  3. OmniPoticus says:

    charlie looks like captain price as a teenager

  4. Sean Elam says:

    Watching this in 2020 and I hope Charlie never gets another hair cut

  5. Cameron Harrison says:

    Little brother Charlie

  6. Written says:

    @Kaya , the reason they make you show it works, is because you could have disassembled the laptop and shoved like 5 ounces of coke inside of it and Germany doesnt want cocaine in their country, you noob.

  7. Alex B says:

    I like how Andrew goes from laughing his ass off to completely emotionless like a fucking sociopath.

  8. Shawn Heatherly says:

    Jackson: its similar to being served prison food.
    Jackson has clearly never been in jail before anywhere

  9. Shawn Heatherly says:

    I want to see kaya and Andrew fight in a regulated match. I feel like kaya might be more capable, but I also feel like Andrew is almost like a caged bear that you wouldn't want to put in the corner

  10. SnottierBrick says:

    Members of the podcast from really best to still really entertaining IMO

    1. Kaya
    2. Charlie
    3. Jackson
    4. Andrew

    I feel like people disagree with me but Kaya is my favorite he a lil baddie

  11. Phonk Equinox says:

    I wonder if Andrew will ever stop being a pessimistic fuck

  12. Magnus Finch says:

    Redline is free on amazon video if you have prime now for anyone watching in 2020

  13. BMW 329 says:

    Is there footage of the con?

  14. son of illahee says:

    This one was really fun to watch

  15. BeardedPickle says:

    does anyone have the footage of their live show

  16. insanity 2222 says:

    It's so annoying when people can't take criticism, just imagine if scientists couldn't argue with Albert Einstein because they don't understand the universe or reality as much as he does, silliness I say.

  17. Garrett Griffin says:

    38:43 jesus, kaya

  18. Yagi Toshinori says:

    If the planes didn't rattle like that it would be too rigid and just snap in half with any wind change if it were more tight and "sturdy"

  19. Justin the Hunter says:

    Potato Salad

  20. Tyler Tinsley says:

    Kaya looks like a gentle giant. No offense Kaya

  21. Drugrats INC. says:

    jackson is the best

  22. Danny_ DeCheeto8 says:

    I think you would make amazing bond villains

  23. Comrade Joseph Stalin of the USSR says:

    T4KEN : The German Fugitive.

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