33 thoughts on “The one with the Tremendous Aces. Excessive Restrict Video Poker VLOG #55 half 2”
  1. Ericc1978 says:

    I wish I got dealt that many 3 of a kinds.

  2. GamblersMix says:

    I really thought you were gonna hit those Aces!

  3. Mary Minnito says:


  4. matthoward23 says:

    those 4OAK droughts suck don't they?

  5. The800Dragon says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post videos. The losers that give you a thumbs down, are, actually losers. Three weeks we are going to downtown Las Vegas!

  6. Thomas Charter says:

    Now that’s a video I can relate to…LOL pretty much every visit of mine to the casino sadly.

  7. DrewDirty says:

    But look how much fun you had LOL

  8. Terry B says:

    Why do you say you threw a chance for a royal away? You played it right. Maybe I misunderstood. Okay, I just read the comment below..LOL

  9. Bsmack isback says:

    The absolute most frustrating thing when you "know its there" but won't show up. If I'm in a disciplined mood, ill just move onto the next game in rotation/machine(I currently play roughly 5-6 games per machine at roughly 97%+ accuracy mostly making some degen moves over optimal ROI play by choice). Unfortunately, that doesn't always come easy or cheap sometimes.

    I'm assuming at this point in your VP career you can most likely tell where the particular game is at after say, 5-20 hands; or is this unique to myself? Without, of course, giving away all our secrets….but I'm not the only one, right? I'd honestly love to know if its just me or if other people can figure it out based on playing a few hands. I'm probably well over 75% correct when I call the quads. Royals tend to act a slightly different way. Straight Flushes are absolutely bat shit random and I don't really care to figure that one out. Again, this all could mean absolutely nothing to you but I'm betting there's others like myself which have a rather hard to explain talent 🙂

  10. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Showing just winning hands isn't working for me, I like seeing it all!

  11. Lucky Pete says:

    I just played that double double Aces and Faces game… it's great until you hit a low 4oak with a low kicker lol. Great video!

  12. A dentone says:


  13. Patrick Kyker says:

    0:54 LOL

  14. Luke Reyes says:

    Movie quote "Can't rain all the time"

  15. Mark Challed says:

    Great to get that dealt. I even breathed a sigh of relief. Wow that was short lived. I thought I saw a lot of 4 to the royal. Lets hope you get that fifth card a lot next time. Thanks for the post.

  16. A Word For You! Debbie says:

    That was fun to watch. However I couldn’t believe all the 3-of a kinds that just popped up. Oh and the Jim Carrey barfing was classic! Lolol

  17. John Carlson says:

    Oh man, I still crack up at that "Dumb and Dumber" throw-up scene…perfect insert for missing the royal…classic.

  18. R Bailey says:

    Just threw out a royal last night. AQ10 spades with another queen. Kept the queens and it deals JK spades. Wanted to puke.

  19. David C says:

    Boy you sure got a lot of 4 to a Royals and 3 and 2 Aces. Its hard to quit when you are getting those kind of hits.
    I hope you can turn your losses around.

  20. Joseph Cortijo says:

    Didn’t see where you threw away a Royal in this session?

  21. Joe Baran says:

    What casino is this?

  22. arlene gellerman says:

    I'm so glad you stopped the constant swearing.

  23. ak says:

    I won't tell you how to play VP but for all thats good with humanity please STOP driving in the LEFT lane!!! It's a passing lane, after you pass you return to RIGHT lane so others can pass you if they choose. People, please please please stay out of left lane unless you are passing. If you drive in the left lane then I have news for you—- You are a bad driver! I oughta….!!!**

  24. John Molvanian says:

    This is one of best videos thanks. Well edited and love the suspense.

  25. John Molvanian says:

    Trivia note……Dumb and Dumber filmed a few scenes in Utah.

  26. TODD BERG says:

    Thanks for the vlog, looking forward to the next one. Be well-Stay well!

  27. John Molvanian says:

    The drawing of a four of a kind with a kicker is a dream hand in multi line games but it just seems to happen more frequently in single line games.

  28. John Molvanian says:

    The approximate odds of drawing four faces w kicker is about 1/71K or so. So this is not expected to happen as often as a two draw RF.

  29. John Molvanian says:

    Super aces….a common burn (well not some common but quite memorable) is when you have a pair of aces dealt with two other corresponding RF high cards accompanying one of the aces and you hold the two aces as you should but the two other RF high cards show up on the draw. This has happened to me on single line super aces several times.

  30. John Molvanian says:

    FYI….I was told by the casino that they removed those upright machines (where you hit your $40K RF) at the Rainbow not for any other reason that they were not getting played enough.

  31. John Molvanian says:

    That’s for sharing the faces w kicker was a great hit. I think if you chase aces then you get sucked in imho. They will come.

  32. Mega23 says:

    Love the scene

  33. John Molvanian says:

    4:20 I don’t know what you mean by throwing it away.

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