31 thoughts on “THE PERFECT WIN!! * AMAZING MONEY MACHINE IS HOT!! — Las Vegas On line casino Slot Machine Bonus Win”
  1. Adam Deutsch says:




  2. Gloria Byers says:

    Now, this looks like a fun game. Hope it comes to my local. Love your videos. Keep up the good fun work.

  3. Barbara Herrera says:

    I like those apples lol Way to double up Dan!

  4. Patrick Burnell says:

    Great game but I still credit the super genius who is pressing the button. Go Mom.

  5. The Post says:

    I love these videos! Always look forward to them before bed!

  6. David Mansfield says:

    BOOM chickee!!!

  7. Denise says:

    That looks like fun! Wish it was here but we're just now getting 2 year old machines in. New to us, but old out in the Vegas casinos.

  8. sherri fisher says:

    That was a fun game with random things happening…I liked it and congrats on doubling up

  9. Cynthia Slater says:

    That seemed like a fun game. The bonus definitely has potential. See you tomorrow!

  10. SHAWN S says:

    nice game and also good win VLR.

  11. Martin Prokop says:

    Rumor has it he reply

  12. fefi says:

    Did you put your card in your pocket with your cell phone. That's instant death to mag stripe cards.

  13. El Poor Know says:

    How do ya like them apples? Boom shicky licky!

  14. Robert Forsey says:

    I'm late tuning in, great video as always my friend!!

  15. Daniel McHale says:

    I'm listening to electronic light orchestra don't bring me down .slot machines dont bring me down

  16. Sam and Syd says:

    Where is this at ?

  17. michael brown says:

    Is winning $ 570,00 on a single machine a boom shaka lacka

  18. poisoncurls says:


  19. Cathy Rodriguez says:

    Awesome game I wish they bring it to south Florida casinos

  20. Shinobi Slots says:

    Right on the money, nice! Congrats on the double-up! I've seen vids of this already – looks interesting and fun! Makes for a good video at least!

  21. Casey Mallary says:

    At the casinos near me I do better sometimes when I don't use My player's card

  22. Penguin Shots says:

    Amazing what happens when you play with no card

  23. Robert Nobell says:

    You made some dollaritos.game has potential.

  24. Aleana Goodman says:

    Good one!

  25. Christina K says:

    That was so much fun! Love the steampunk theme, love the question mark. Imagine having a screen full of question marks.

  26. carl blumenstock says:

    Don't be scared, the machine won't bite! It makes us sick from time to time, but it won't bite!

  27. Marcy Austin says:

    Now when u play a machine you should say low medium or high volatility lol

  28. clarityjane31 says:


  29. William Pierce says:

    Hey VLR! Great game. Nice win!

  30. Sabrina Scott says:

    Can’t wait to play this game!

  31. Dick Trickel says:

    Ahhhh.. The wonderland of new slot machines. This was a very interesting game. Lots of surprises! Good for you double up and run!!!

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