8 thoughts on “The Pink Panther slot machine bonus win at Borgata On line casino”
  1. Asalieri2 says:

    Yeah, they really need to tweak the values to make this one even remotely worth playing. Or at least make the bonus more engaging or give you more spins than just 5. You're welcome! Keep posting videos, my friend!

  2. Asalieri2 says:

    this game sucks ass. The line wins are pathetically undervalued for the amount of times you actually get to line things us on them. And the top row unlocks once in a blue moon and even then getting a bunch of stacks never amounts to more than 3000-5000 credits on MAX bet. It's a slot best left alone if you want to actually WIN something.

  3. The Shamus of Slots says:

    I'm really keen about the design of this game. LIGHTNING GAMES is a small company trying to stay afloat, and I think this is a nice title for them. The license was likely reasonable … the stacked symbols are very very popular with players. You can see the potential for a huge win … although I have no idea if it hits very often.

  4. Juana Robles says:


  5. Rick's Travelogue says:

    Seems like one of those games that heavily relies on the stacks to get you the bigger wins and individual lines pay didly.

  6. SlotNoodles says:

    Interesting screen, those symbols are super stacked!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. p rob says:

    Yeah some company called Lightning Gaming has thrown some doo doo slots into the market. Little entertainment and even littler wins

  8. DProxima says:

    Thanks for the assessment on these. With all those reels I figure they prob pay low. However I will say, they are always being played at Foxwoods – they have two.

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