34 thoughts on “The RICHEST Poker Gamers In The World”
  1. Anish Sunuwar says:

    Where is malec?

  2. navidski says:

    Which fucking stupid list starts from top to bottom?
    Fucking idiots.

  3. happy poker88 says:

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  4. anime indo says:

    Opening song plisss

  5. John Greenwood says:

    Am I the only one that absolutely loves Daniel Negreanu

  6. Mike PenceTD says:

    Lol Hellmuth, Ivey, Tony G, Doyle Bronson are all waaaaaaaay better than these young would-have-been laptop players.

  7. James Tan says:

    where is andy ? live at the bike! he should be the number 1

  8. Gray Franklin says:

    I’ll be 2030 champ

  9. Christian says:

    Where I'd the con Dan blazarian?

  10. Sebastian says:

    But still good

  11. Sebastian says:

    Phil ivy cheated

  12. Viqar Akram says:


  13. Sim Won says:

    I could not stop thinking about all those pre-pokerboom greats who grinded & won 1000 times the hours of the new guys but have not earned 0.00001% of the money….must feel like sht….especially when you are in tye overdose state coz u played too much for 20+ years and taste vomit in your mouth from just the tought of going hack on the grind for just one more night……………….

  14. Onecli. - Обратный аукцион! Купите 100 S за 75 S says:


  15. gk10002000 says:

    Most of these people do NOT get nor keep that money. They are backed, staked, etc. They keep a relatively small percentage of the winnings.

  16. Алексей Алексеев says:

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  17. Amani John says:


  18. NoamZ says:

    Nice video.

  19. Canadian Snowman says:

    Kid poker my favourite. So much fun to watch

  20. EZIO__2000 says:

    So you just go on Hendonmob or gpr and read out the all time tournament money list together with some Wikipedia facts? Nice lol.
    For those people that don’t k ow much about poker: (almost) every high stakes player is staked, which means they sell parts of their buy ins for tournaments exceeding a certain amount. Also this list is cashes, not winnings! That means that losses aren’t deducted. Furthermore, one should inform that the biggest winners ever come from private cash games (mostly Macau, Monte Carlo and so on) that aren’t tracked.

  21. ron valentini says:

    Yeah but how much of the winnings have they lost.
    A good guess is more than half to 3/4 like 66%

  22. TooSekc says:

    But how much have they spent? They have only probably made 5 mill profit

  23. iManuel says:

    Daniel "Kid Poker" reads players better than anyone else

  24. Pramod Pawar says:

    Where is Tom Dillon

  25. Nase Butt says:

    Please anybody know where is white castle casino?
    I live in korea

  26. sajeeb says:

    I have 1000000000000 money

  27. Kaushal Joshi says:

    Where is Dan bilzerian..


    Title should be "The RICHEST Tournament Poker Players In The World".

  29. DyingToLiveForJesus says:

    Number one revealed immediately? Ok that was quick, peace out…

  30. Zantagiro7 says:

    keep piling up your useless money shitmidt the get tortured there eternally together all these unworthy ignorants in The Eyes of GOD! keep underestimating GOD's threats you old coward fool!!!

  31. 1337nukem says:

    This video is silly and wrong, wheres Doyle? RICHEST? Video should be titled "Most tournament winnings" doesnt talk about iveys cash games online winning 20+ Million, doesn't take into account sponsorship deals? (Full tilt paying people half a million a month? ring a bell? Paying ivey a million a MONTH?) Doyle is worth hundreds of millions (Doyle's room?) and so are Hellmuth and Ivey…

  32. Jeremy Carlile says:

    Video was obviously made by someone who doesnt know much bout poker lol.

  33. KM Snow says:

    Money that people win from playing tournaments, live or online, are very much public record. Anyone can trace and access that for any player that he/she is interested in. What it doesn't tell you, and I don't believe the person who makes this video has any idea, is how much those players have lost playing cash and tournaments over the years. Take Daniel Negreanu, who made #2 on this list, for example. From the 7 high stake seasons that he played a majority of (all were televised), did you know he lost money very much in each of those seasons? Even with the WSOP, which is considered bread and butter for these pro's, did you know last year Daniel played most of the tournaments and recorded a total of near 400K loss? The losses add up. You need to look at it from both sides if you want to paint a true picture.

  34. Omar Barrios says:

    Daniel Negreanu is my fav of all

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