8 thoughts on “The sight of Cherokee’s very first on line casino! Exploring the opposite facet.”
  1. Chris E. says:

    That mall had the coolest shooting gallery in it. Many memories of cherokee

  2. direct Email says:

    Cherokee ain't the same remember going as a kid seeing the real Indians and being able to create real indian crafts and buy them now its just all China bought things

  3. Toby Dufrene says:

    Yo BACKROAD WARRIORS! I'm really enjoying the videos from Cherokee. Very cool place. It feels like going back in time but with todays amenities. I'm not Cherokee but i love learning more about the indians way of life b4 our people fukn stole it from them. The native Americans are beautiful people and we should be ashamed of what was done to them. Keep on cruising and keep it real. Peace

  4. cavey818 says:

    I remember from years ago going to Cherokee. There were a lot of gift shops in a strip and an old burger king.

  5. Evinrude 123 says:

    I've stayed at that Great Smokies Inn……it's a really nice place to stay.

  6. Vickie England says:

    Love your drives… thanks so much for taking us along!!!!
    Haven’t been through that Cherokee in years since I was a kid enjoyed the drive!!!!

  7. PT_Adventures86 says:

    Great place! Thanks for sharing all the awesome history!!

  8. Starscreamlive says:

    Where y'all at? I'm in town! I was hoping y'all would do a livestream on the strip tonight or tomorrow. Hit me up if you see this.

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