39 thoughts on “The WORST BLUFF in EPT Historical past ♠️ Finest Poker Clips ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Killian says:

    Worst bluff ever with only 1% equity… And worst acting I've ever seen

  2. Apoc Morrow says:

    Amateur hour! Bernies does the heavy breathing thing on every hand, because he wants to disguise the hands when he gets too nervous and starts heavy breathing. If he always breathes heavy, you can't tell, right? WRONG! It's busch league. Learn to play!

  3. jolalo123 says:

    I would assume that he needs to drop the heavy breathing, cause more than likely your tell is something else and the other guy knows it.

  4. Top Tier Teal Tipped Spears says:

    What does he say at the end? At least everybody knows that I'm a fish?

  5. Audrey Williams says:

    Does Bernies have a medical condition?, he looks life he just finished a marathon

  6. deutscher türke says:

    Dam he s breathing so hart…

  7. dada da says:

    Why is Benies gasping for air? Did he run a marathon or something?

  8. Quex says:

    Even in fucking RDR2 if you try to bluff like this, you get called by a better hand 9/10 lmao. What an idiot.

  9. EL Cheapo says:

    It's the heavy breathing that made the other guy call despite having four-deuce

  10. SynysterT says:

    he s polish, he s no fish, and he s in posish. LMAO xD

  11. QT8270 says:


  12. 1985gvs says:

    Way to make amateurs feel welcome to the game. Whoever decided to upload this with this title and description should be fired.

  13. Андрей Виноградов says:

    Fu-uh, fu-uh…

  14. Sophie Dudek says:

    Polish comantators have said: "Now what we only miss is Bernies aproaching Dzmitry and saying: "<heavy breathing> DIMA! I'M YOUR FATHER"

    But still, I don't think Bernies was a fish. He played very well.

  15. Rhino says:

    Most tilting player ive ever seen

  16. zizoumonk10 says:

    Hey it’s that heavy breather guy

  17. CashPrizes says:

    That was probably the worst bluff i ever seen. Guy had no draw, shouldn't even be in the hand, tries to steal, gets re-raised, looks nervous as hell and goes all in…. before he showed his hand I thought the mouth breathing was him trying to solicit a raise or a call because he was strong…. but nope he just looks hella nervous when he has a garbage hand I guess.

  18. Ghost Mutt says:

    He must watch rampage poker videos

  19. SystemExclusive says:

    Imagine going into History like this!!! Hahahaha omg what a unbeleivable person.

  20. Catalin says:

    Bernies was hyperventilating, during which he tried to find a fast way out by betting it all, hoping that Urbanovich would fold….

  21. Ualisson Carlos says:

    Bernies breathing makes me feel so uncomfortble

  22. Jason says:

    Obviously it's not a good bluff but I think it's a lot worse than it looks at first glance. First, consider that Bernies 3-bets pre. Second, Bernies is applying tons of pressure because he's the big stack. Third, The board comes out with a king and a jack, both of which favor Bernies' range – particularly the king. If Bernies shoves and Urbanovich doesn't have the flush draw, he's forced to fold because there's no way he's calling off his tournament life with nothing but bottom pair. It looks like a terrible bluff but I think it's more like a poorly-timed bluff.

  23. James M says:

    Poster boy for mouth breathers right here

  24. Chris Capers says:

    Weekend at Bernies.

  25. Rob Mc says:

    Is Bernies aware of his tell or wtf was with the heavy breathing?

  26. Recep Dogan says:

    Damn, Bernies seems to really enjoy his oxygen

  27. Neil Redstar says:

    Lolbad play

  28. PKR says:

    commenters be like
    Gyorgyi's succesful 72o bluff: "what a legend"
    Bernies' failed 42o bluff: "haha he dumb"

  29. Hyperhidrosis says:


  30. shobhit khare says:

    I lost every single money i have in pokerstars india app

  31. Joshua Zerbe says:

    I think I would also hyperventilate if I punted off that many chips w 24o drawing effectively dead for that much ICM

  32. DirtyBird760 says:

    like dude.. that would've worked on the river, its such a bad bluff.. like there's flush draws and straight draws out there and you don't even have a high card

  33. joe mama says:

    just why

  34. iwillberich says:

    What a drama. He thought fake breathing will help him win.

  35. Руслан says:


  36. Руслан says:


  37. Руслан says:


  38. PokerStars says:

    Is Gilles Bernies a fish in poker? Do you agree with him? Leave a comment below!

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