17 thoughts on “This Girl Completely Ruined This Large Win For Me At The On line casino…”
  1. Cynthia B says:

    I was betting 2.00 on a stinkin rich machine in Cherokee, NC and hit for over 1190.00, due to one incredible line hit for over 1067.00 that came up during a 24 game bonus. This slot is amazing.

  2. Andria S. Alexander says:

    Congrats in your huge win! I'm glad you asked her to back up. This pandemic is no joke. People can be happy for you and celebrate…from a distance! #PersonalSpace

  3. Amber Dean says:

    Who's kicking you off? They allow recording at San Manuel. Awesome video. Stay well everyone and wear your masks. Please practice social distancing when appropriate.

  4. Queen Orlise says:

    Nice win…

  5. MarieAnnMarie says:

    Even before the pandemic I don’t like when I win big and people stand SO CLOSE to me!!! Like omg please step back.

  6. Cynthia Nelson says:

    Alright now, you have a new subscriber!

  7. Michelle Alexander says:

    Congrats Chris and your right 6ft people have to learn to respect other people space

  8. Nakia lovelife says:

    San manuel has not been nice to me

  9. blessed and favored says:

    Nice I didn't know you played that high amount

  10. Francis Nguyen says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, SC Slots.

  11. Lydia Castilho says:

    Great video. Ty for uploading. Enjoy that big win in spite of that lady. Everyone should respect each other and keep social distancing.

  12. Pammy Whammy says:

    Awesome wins Chris!!! My luck has been horrible at the casino but im so glad you are winning!!!

  13. Lisa Bleu Scratches says:

    Thanks for the winner bank best thing i bought for myself

  14. Mo Vann says:

    I love to see ppl win but I stay out of their personal space. Great win guys!!!!

  15. michael Taylor says:

    That gambling pocket you have you put money into, where can I buy one? Lol I have a friend that never leaves with money and I’d like to buy them one for XMAS 🙂

  16. Leta Latimer says:

    Nice wins Chris and you were not rude to her at all. You said what needed to be said.

  17. Lillian Crawford says:

    You did really good we miss Sam but, I know she was getting her hair done and turned out fabulous best of luck to you both stay safe and God bless

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