1. Umm Talha says:

    Why is the guys face painted blue lol

  2. QT8270 says:


  3. Earnest Karaoke says:

    Was the last one a talking show?

  4. Actor Benandtonic says:

    I absolutely love seeing Dwan smile….I’d marry him

  5. Бектурсын Алламуратов says:

    Қазақтар бар ма көретін???

  6. Jeffery Oldridge says:

    Don’t slam the cards please all arrogantly, then he proceeds to scoop the pot and slam his cards down…all arrogantly. Schwartz is such a pretentious douche.

  7. Jack Marfori says:

    honestly i wanna sucker punch the guy that talk too much

  8. HilarityBribo says:

    How does Schwartz make that call, that was incredible.
    I wonder if Romanello not answering him when he was asking about flipping the cards hinted it to him.

  9. Marcus W says:

    So, you're gonna try to count to three again? Let's play some poker some times, I bet you with my set – of two Kings.

  10. Алексей says:

    Schwartz thought this: of the cards he loses, his opponent could only push preflop aces, kings or ace-queen, but with a probable straight on the table with such cards in hand, you will never go all-in on show down, so this is a bluff…

  11. Briellelexi McAllister says:

    The 3rd one was insane!!!!

  12. willtommo13 says:

    Romanello is a statue. Amazing clip

  13. Kathmandu Cat Sanctuary says:

    3:14 “it would have to be a very convincing bet for Tom Dwan to not believe him..”


  14. TheTruth says:

    Lesson of the day. Smurfs shouldn’t try to bluff Tom dwan

  15. Paul Mavric says:

    Shut up tony g

  16. Paul Mavric says:

    For god sakes

  17. Warren Arnold says:

    The third bluff was how many clips there would be..

  18. Jubsona Jubsona777 says:

    He have to say yes you can turn my cards if you call and call the clock ⏰))

  19. Владимир Онегин says:

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  20. Courtney Hallcy says:

    The title is the best bluff of them all

  21. Veenz Bjorn says:

    if i call, please dont whip your cards arrogantly
    proceeds to whip card arrogantly*

  22. Jim Sty the HP Guy says:

    Regardless of how you feel about Schwartz, he's a hell of a poker player. What a great call in the second video!

  23. Ted Johnson says:

    Remember dont bluff a donkey.

  24. Adam Jurrens says:


  25. funny Son says:

    Romanelo has such a punchable face

  26. mkn byte says:

    the mind trick he plays is amazing "if he's bluffing he would call the clock by now" = if you call the clock i call… oh he's not calling the clock then i can call.

  27. BEEZus says:

    This is the feeling I don’t want to have in this game. Manage it

  28. SKrawn says:

    Schwartz face annoys me

  29. Marcin Migacz says:

    He easily could have aq 🙂

  30. Icarus Flying says:

    Vicky Coren: He CANNOT make this call.
    Schwarz calls

  31. Icarus Flying says:

    Can we get some love for that snap at 5:51?

  32. Dan K says:

    Luke said don’t show your cards aggressively then next thing he slams his pair of nines on the table what a guy

  33. 김승훈 says:

    Too much mumbling to figure out to go a call or not ,,,,I think he's not supposed to do that…

  34. vambo13257 says:

    what's with the throwing the chips around like an a hole?

  35. vambo13257 says:

    what happened to the Enigma?

  36. To0_ NaSty says:

    Where Is the 3rd?

  37. Adam Collett says:

    God I woulda called clock on Schwartz….great call but that shit was annoying.

  38. Dave Loves Noodles says:

    Luke Schwartz is the only poker player who makes Phil Hellmuth say, "Damn, you whine a lot!"

  39. TopicalUsername says:

    Does poker have the equivalent of like a balk in baseball? Maybe it's just part of the game but it looked like Schwartz was about to push in his chips multiple times and looked at Romanello to see if there was any reaction. Strong discipline by Romanello to remain a statue while Schwartz was feigning a call. Didn't work in the end though.

  40. BadBaru says:

    Schwartz is a bitch, stfu already

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