26 thoughts on “three Radiant use a Weapon Slot Machine VS 5 Platinum! – Valorant”
  1. Lucas Martins says:

    7:18 Raul Gil encarnando no radiante

  2. delinqles says:

    posture check

  3. Tyler Dhaliwal says:

    Bro plays still almost lost shows how egotistical they are

  4. Luca Manzi says:

    those platinums are so bad lmaoo

  5. Porcupine says:

    Only commentors know this was suggested my a comment

  6. Rifqi Maalik says:

    posture check lmao

  7. Kadiea says:

    These guys can't be plat. Their comms sound iron

  8. Frosticornair says:

    maybe plats to high for this?

  9. NoFX IlluZiioN says:

    “Just don’t peek. But I want too..” and that’s why you aren’t going to get better lmao

  10. AlphaRexy ! says:

    I didn’t wanna say it cause they radiant but like let the man play like he talk to much

  11. Arjuṇ Birla says:

    i pressure checked just so u know "wink wink"

  12. Pending_ says:

    2 radiants vs 4 golds but the gold only have to win 6 rounds but radiants have to win 13 still

  13. Raj Abhishek says:

    In 2nd round radiants killed platinums lyk they r iron…lamao

  14. Yonathan Hariman says:

    Why they not just rush on one site it will be pretty easy right like 2 vs 5 or 1 vs 5 they are stupid plat

  15. lowki says:

    i dont think the radiants warmed up

  16. Keneki Ken says:

    Nice game

  17. Big Mac says:

    Dude the rank at the bottom is always incorrect

  18. Simply Lew says:

    15:04 that was noice

  19. Gamer 516yt says:

    I want to congratulate the players who always stay in blue team

  20. Jiaxi hao says:

    I suggested htis a while ago AND I di dthis with my friend with readom agaent as well XDS

  21. Zion says:

    posture check

  22. Eloi. ? says:

    does anyone notice casper traking them through smokes and blinds or is that just luck

  23. nioc says:

    at this point just switch up the content bro

  24. ruben de boer says:

    casper the jett is not a awp jett i think

  25. Nikola Angelov says:

    Video idea: 5 radiants vs 5 silvers, but the radiants tell them exactly what they are gonna do

  26. ruben de boer says:

    posture check

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