28 thoughts on “three SECRET On line casino Work Missions At The Diamond Resort In GTA 5 On-line That You May Not Know About!”
  1. MrBossFTW says:

    3 SECRET Casino Work Missions At The Diamond Resort In GTA 5 Online That You Might Not Know About!

  2. Kram Hd says:

    Damm the thumbnail is a as fake as everyones respect 4 u

  3. Branko Valentino Skok says:

    But you need the casino for the missions

  4. Whois _steve says:

    I did it once like I think cuz of martin

  5. delinkwink666 says:

    got the drunk car delivery was never mentioned as special or secret just never done 1 drunk again

  6. Nima Barazandeh says:

    I have

  7. Michel says:

    First of all, great video. But why letting people think they can earn miljons of coins here?
    Its not very tempting to watch more video's from you to be honest. Makes me feel sick.


  8. Syed Ateeq says:

    I have got the 3 mission

  9. Syed Ateeq says:

    I did actually get this

  10. Heat Meister says:

    Info from a person in Hollywood. Fake news

  11. Granpa King says:

    Well I mistakenly did that already because she called me dead in the middle of something I was doing it was not like I was sitting around doing nothing I was already on a job from something else and she called me so once you get locked in like that there's nothing you can do about it

  12. Joshua Gallardo says:

    I have a question that you may be able to answer once you complete a casino mission how do you get the extra 50,000 once you complete it.

  13. SubZeroT_T says:

    How can I exclude this scumbag from my searches?

  14. K_uzl says:

    10:55 is what y’all here for

  15. Freedeoxide says:

    It sounded promising but than i heared mrbossftw

  16. Luke McCartney says:

    Anyone else notice he drinks it as a male and wakes up as a female?

  17. Rg_turtle_yt says:

    His entire channel is fake when will you relishing that

  18. Ohio Man says:

    How do you color she's not on your contacts

  19. 200U_Vaxify says:

    You don't get the epsilon outidt by just taking a whisky at the nightclub and spawning at the epsilon building

  20. N W says:

    Did all of the missions yo

  21. Aiden Harrison says:

    Another video form mriamdesperate

  22. Kelly Mate says:

    Hey can you make a video doing this next week

  23. Emo_ n says:

    Like we havent knew i saw this from gta series videos

  24. Reginald B. Campbell jr. says:

    Thanks 4da bouns

  25. Keith Feller says:

    I love gta

  26. yes says:

    can i get the armored paragon anymore since i missed the message?

  27. BEAN INC says:

    When you’re a pay to win that is horrible at the game

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