38 thoughts on “$three TO $45000 SLOT SESSION! CRAZIEST SLOT WIN OF ALL TIME?”
  1. I look 50 wen I take my hat off bigballhead says:

    25% of 43k is still alot of money

  2. Outer Spaze says:

    Enjoi the new tesla

  3. AJ B says:

    This kids a nerd. living in his parents basement. Go use that money to get your teeth fixed

  4. AJ BOYS says:

    what the site??

  5. Ino145 says:

    It's … Uhu

  6. Gamer Lightning nr 1 says:

    Make a total profit video

  7. Dalton P says:

    What site is this ?

  8. ruthlessx says:

    My favourite part was when he creamed his pants over all that fake money he was winning

  9. Sandeep Barot says:

    What online casino is this at?

  10. John Doe says:

    My man's sick out here addicted

  11. Austin Finnern says:

    What website can you play this on?

  12. kader conundrum says:

    I my goo

  13. Gabriel Lixandru says:

    Whats the game name?

  14. James O'Keefe says:

    what game is he playing?

  15. Tyler Johnson says:

    I won $200 and acted like that

  16. Mike_ML gaming says:

    3 to 45k
    yeah right,while doing a 7.5spin,ya wanker

  17. Venky Gadiparthi says:

    Bro don't screem it's irritating

  18. bd0h says:

    Hahah I was here I was bouncing round the room with ya bro

  19. S C says:

    "Shania, Shania, SHANIAAAAA……."

  20. Willie Gonzalez says:

    Is this legit like 100% real money? Better then live casino or

  21. Qwerty's Spam Upload says:

    Damn I misread the title. I thought it was 4500. I was just as surprised as he was

  22. Amanda Danger Slots says:

    Your reaction is everything. Congrats!

  23. Nicolas Rufo says:

    He doesnt even know how to pronounce anubis

  24. Nicolas Rufo says:

    I never know what im watching or what symbols win when i play slots

  25. Kellz K says:

    Shits crazy

  26. Al E Gator says:

    Wtf…Fcking crazy bonus

  27. tyler Bundy-Henderson says:

    stacksbundlez promo for free 10$

  28. Vekal says:

    Please pronounce Anubis properly

  29. 怎么样? says:

    10:45 welcome,video too long,boring

  30. Carstavis says:

    as soon as you got over $1000 i would have went to 10.00 a bet. nice win though. i got 15k win on slots in vegas and 10k win online bovado casino slots

  31. Therese says:

    He is rigged and play for cash from the casino. please stop looking at this channel, its patetic

  32. Dmitry Vartovsky says:

    I miss those moments when i hit the jackpot on slot like he does 7 months ago.,20$ to 1100$ small amounts of money but it feel awesome after covid takes out all your job.

  33. Chris Cain says:

    Stop eating next to the mic ffs

  34. Check says:

    OMG Nicee! wanna habe too this

  35. Nexso says:

    Tf that’s a 6,5kx

  36. Philip Mcritchie says:

    This is fucking epic..

  37. leonardo mota says:

    Legend just it.

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