11 thoughts on “Timberwolf Deluxe Hand Pay & BIG Line Hits #slotman #on line casino #slots”
  1. ElvisCorvette Slots says:

    You do so well on this game. Just a fantastic video. Incredible. Congratulations on your handpay. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  2. Z Jennie says:

    Hi, may I know how to contact you for business inquiries please?

  3. JZ's Slot Channel says:

    What an awesome line hit/Hand pay.

  4. Stacy2u2 says:

    That s a great machine for you

  5. Pat C. says:

    Excellent hit! Those wolves love you!

  6. Blue Collar Slots says:

    What's not to like….. Timber Wolf and Smashing Wins!!

  7. Cathy Rodriguez says:

    Love to here praise The Lord for what he gives you. Amen

  8. JAYR SLOTS says:

    Nice session my friend,Congrats on your handpay. Thanks for sharing

  9. Spinning and Winning Slots With Blain says:

    Swellagant Slot Man Win! Keep Spinning and Winning…Cheers

  10. Kristine Guetschow says:


  11. Max Frax says:

    How is Chumash since the pandemic? I have not been there since the beginning of last year (before the pandemic). They are the only casino who are sending e-mails and reporting how many of their employees have been infected (maybe a little too honest). Have they opened their hotel yet or is it still shut down? Do you go to any other casinos or is Chumash the only one? Thanks.

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