7 thoughts on “Timberwolf Deluxe Low Rollin Produces💥725X BET💥 #slots #on line casino #slotman”

    Huge profits from Timber wolf !these wolfs love to show up on your bonus!

  2. John King says:

    That 50 cent bet with the 32x bonus works thanks I hit for $176.33..thanks teach…

  3. Calliope Vogiatzis says:

    I like when you say thank you Lord
    Not many slot players do that

  4. BigBee Slots says:

    Amazing win low rolling and you won more low rolling then max bet! Awesome video

  5. Peewee says:

    I won myself on the Timberwolf the other day on a $2.50 bet but pulled the money out when I hit $569.00+

  6. John King says:

    Thanks for the tip now I can start with load denomination.. and still win!!!! 32x bonus..

  7. Flint Dog says:

    Nice hits on 50 cents Wow!!!

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