13 thoughts on “Tons & Numerous Re-Entries | Poker Vlog #186”
  1. Matthew Wrightstone says:

    2 outters vs over pairs, 4 card straight runouts vs overpairs all in pre, blinds waking up with huge pairs on money bubbles, short stacks folding till they have 1 blind then they wake up with AA or KK and double up. Or they shove with any two and flop trips. A gambling site is not going to be completely legit. Its video game poker ppl.

  2. Matthew Wrightstone says:

    The pokerstars random number generator is not the same for all players on the site. Fyi

  3. ScottishSting says:

    I was playing the $10 tourney on GG ended up 8th place for $68 utg opened with 19 bigs I’m on button with JJ I rip for 13 effective he called with a9 off and flopped quads so dirty man

  4. Cohen The Show says:

    5:21 3 ways? calling with A high?

  5. Sven Wisse says:

    Stop playing these tournaments pls.. too difficult

  6. scott tavernier says:

    Need more discipline. Firing off that many bullets with 3k up top is less than smart

  7. Emil ALB says:

    Shirt Fire

  8. Daniel Hamdar says:

    I dont know man, when I play live for 12 hours I dont see this many bad beats

  9. Tony says:

    You should avoid re-entering pkos. The value of a starting stack goes down really fast when much of the prize pool is in bounties.

  10. luvgreen says:

    Love your attitude, its helpful to watch how others handle these situations.

  11. StraightUp says:

    Don't like the lead @ 6:38, just unnecessarily bloats the pot and all Qs are obviously not folding. I like check-call more.

  12. NotTheNuts says:

    That AQ vs. 44 hand is so frustrating. Such an easy fold for 44 on that flop especially in a threebet pot. He's drawing to two outs to the non-nuts. You hate to see that garbage play get rewarded. Not cool.

  13. StraightUp says:

    Love your videos DK!

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