20 thoughts on “Tons Of BONUSES On Huff N Puff Lock It Hyperlink Slot Machine | Loopy Sizzling Machine | SE-11 | EP-20”
  1. Linda Dickey says:

    No you are super

  2. Steph L says:

    I hate that it doesn’t give 6 more free games when it gives 6 more hats in a bonus.

  3. Ken Riches says:

    Nice run , gotta love a game that keeps getting bonuses .

  4. Brandi Cox says:

    Good Luck NG and thank you for all of the amazing videos..And im glad that you only show the truth with your videos because I wouldn't want to watch fake videos of only winning because I know that isn't how it really is..Like you always say you only show reality..Thank you and good luck on future wins!

  5. Jed Sazon says:

    NG let's see more actions buddy, how about $200 a smack for good luck. You never know when to hit the Grand jackpot.

  6. Slots winner 2021 Lucky Ducky says:

    I have never played 10,000 in an evening. I still have a very good payout.

  7. Connie Ebanez says:

    Thanks N.G. for the good Advice. Good Bonuses… You have Power…

  8. Art Pili says:

    Nice win NG, good job. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  9. Ryan Erickson says:

    99.9 percent of the people that play slots would love a $250 bonus. You treat them like the machine is ripping you off. Show some class!

  10. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! There is hope!

  11. Debby S says:

    Wow…so many Bonuses. Congrats on a great profit. Thumbs-up 4 good luck & support

  12. TV Slots says:

    Thanks for keeping it real NG! Good luck!

  13. Joe Pezzulo says:

    It seems like you do better betting under 20.00 a spin…nice job

  14. Veronica Robertson says:

    Everybody loves a winner…BUT the reality is most people do lose. Thanks for keeping it real

  15. Denise Sims says:

    Oh no not Cosmo thought you were done with those tight machines! Good luck get big win!!!

  16. Lilia Brodribb says:

    It's more relaxing when
    You gamble little amount.

  17. Lilia Brodribb says:

    Hi ng, I'm glad you bet lower , be sensible with
    Your money. Your rigth
    About how much you
    Can spend. This slot
    Machine they like a
    Vacuum they suck
    As much money as
    They can.

  18. Ngahuia Mardhall says:

  19. H. says:

    Can't wait to see what happens next time … best of luck from Sydney aus

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