23 thoughts on “Tony G in a star-packed HIGH STAKES Poker FINAL Desk!”
  1. FuryTV says:

    Thank you for watching! Do you guys like this format of videos or should we stick to compilations? 🙂

  2. David Damion says:


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  4. Joel Brown says:

    He played it like a set

  5. Cyberdyne says:

    Vanessa Selbst would've folded

  6. Bao664 says:

    Always love Tony G & Scotty bullied people

  7. Gooner Eagle Eye says:

    This thing completely jumped the helmouth elimination?

  8. rob thomas says:

    Tony's the best

  9. robi cohen says:

    when fishes win

  10. Pain Killer says:

    Honey can you believe they cut my footage of being eliminated?

  11. Michael Griff says:

    Tony G should have his own show. Great entertainment

  12. jim palmer says:

    ak aint chit.

  13. maverick1973131313 says:

    Some of the most entertaining poker players of all time. That last hand though was brutal….

  14. Jeramiah Gainey says:

    Poker is such a sick game you just never know.

  15. Robby1424 ok says:

    Why did they cut out Phil's elimination lol

  16. Sam Rivers says:

    9:11 from what I've seen from Tony, if he's talking THIS much he usually wants you to call…

  17. Marc Monsonego says:

    How come queen king ace deuce three doesn’t make a straight in poker ?

  18. IDIOTdella says:

    Karma snuck up on Jean-Robert because when Tony G beat Men you can hear Jean-Robert say "Tony's the worst player, so it's okay" I imagine in response to Tony getting all of Men's chips. The 139,000 raise was a smart ass move and he paid for that too. I was pleased Tony beat him, Jean-Robert's pretty much disrespectful in a meaningful way, not a table way which is Tony's way.

  19. Brian k says:

    Plot twist Tony G actually Augustus from willie wonka

  20. Attlanttizz says:

    He's got the HEART and COMMITMENT, can't say that about a lot of poker players 😀

  21. CoD Cloud says:

    What a GOAT he is.

  22. NeverNotBallin says:

    BEST thumbnail I have ever seen!

  23. Buckets says:

    Tony G is simultaneously the best and worst poker player to share a table with… what an Aussie!

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