1. FuryTV says:

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  2. Bismark Aldana says:

    21:03 Where is the Bad Beat Jackpot?? Someone get this guy a drink!! WOW!

  3. Вадим Горобец says:

    28:24 joao misheard him and though 8 7?

  4. 김동수 says:

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  5. SirMorien215 says:

    Good god 20:13 was absolute torture.

  6. Htf Fhb says:


  7. QT8270 says:


  8. SuWon God says:

    20:59 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. GetReal521 says:

    When you combine these different clips, please try to better manage audio balance. Some require additional volume and the next blasts one’s ears. Sheesh!

  10. Steven Leo says:

    Moral of the story is if u have A7 GO ALL IN!

  11. imran saleem says:

    Audio sux

  12. SynysterT says:

    5:46 why is there a phone on the table? Is it allowed??? He is clearly texting someone. And it is broadcasted live on tv

  13. sicmic says:

    20:54 Imagine getting felted when you have quads!

  14. Frances John Francisco says:

    wow Quads vs Quads. Bad beat by 9's.

  15. Saurabh Chauhan says:

    20:58 Timoshenko's face after Q Quads vs 9 Quads. You're welcome.

  16. Paúl Valdivia says:

    10:18 that is a good fold

  17. Atom D says:

    That quad 9's loss is so sick. I had quad 7's and loss to quad Aces in a tournament which took 85% of my stack. That ride home was wonderful. I was punching the roof of my car and cursing while driving. I remember a lady looking at me at a stop light like I was crazy.

  18. ipay youtube says:

    34 minutes?? Jesus christ guys, edit out the tanking and stalling.

  19. 이마디 says:

    에이스 봉에서책…
    포카에서책 … 영원한 패자의길

  20. Michael Clark says:

    Never bet 2 pair, I've been burned on 2 pair more than any other hand.

  21. Malinda Bowling says:

    I just came to read the comments roasting the guy with the duck lips

  22. David Ferreras says:

    27:38 really weeirrd

  23. terry rudford says:

    The satisfying sailboat additionly object because squash karunagappally follow failing a utopian soccer. clever, insidious sycamore

  24. BredyThe Horse says:

    At 28:20 who the hell is watching the table. Look at the DEALER! What a beauty! Wow. I mean WOWOW!

  25. farleygranger says:

    robl……worst beat ever….how did he not fall over dead….where were the commentators?

  26. FluksikartoN says:

    5:59 :DDDDD

  27. METO U says:

    20:4621:20….the look on the little kids face is price less… Looks like he saw poontang for the first time and has absolutely no clue what to do with it…

  28. Madhavi Basava says:


  29. Leonardo Recchia says:

    25:45 look the Tshirt, 77 with a quad of 7

  30. Глафира Карловна says:

    11:04…Ёпта…кто это?

  31. Erion says:

    To many ads onyour video.closed it right away.

  32. coviant lynch says:

    Imagine for the first one the rules were that you had to make the best 7 card hand!

  33. Neo. TV says:

    Timo's reaction is priceless! Lol 20:58

  34. MUSIC BOX says:

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  35. Sheldon Montgomery says:

    I had a straight flush in a game that I wish was for money got the pic to prove itb

  36. Robert B. says:



    Ensan is one of the very few poker players I would be terrified to play against

  38. Beto Isaacs says:


  39. Great U.S. Treasure Hunt says:

    16:34 You hold a pocket pair, you flop a full house, you river quads….and that's the end of your tournament.

  40. Ammo LOND says:

    quad q's v quad 9's that was hard to watch robls side damn.

  41. Ginga-dna says:

    The last one obviously isn’t real money ?surly not

  42. Ginga-dna says:

    That first hand tho Jesus

  43. Rhymes With Carbon says:

    If QQQQ beat 9999 in my room, Robl would have been far less disappointed. As of last night, that's a $150,000 pay day!!!!

  44. Machetes AreFun says:

    I've been getting more and more into poker lately… and at a little after the 20 minute mark I literally yelled "yo what the fuck, that's quads vs. quads, man. I don't even know what to say. I've hit quads. I've hit a few straight and royal flushes, even against full houses. Quads vs. quads though… that is a kind of painful thing that I don't know yet… ouch…

  45. emmm dwert says:

    only 1 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  46. emmm dwert says:

    super quad

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