1. Mindy Waymire says:

    I agree with you on some of these games, some I haven't played before. I have won a few times on the Mystery Link game but I only bet the lowest bet.

  2. Project Entry says:

    Thank you! Very helpful! Save me alot of money not playing them.

  3. Ernestine White says:

    I haven't seen a full screen in years.

  4. Ernestine White says:

    The machines got tighter and tighter before coved 19.

  5. Ernestine White says:

    I live in Oregon and slots here suck at the Cinco even the state lottery slots in the bars and restaurants.

  6. Ernestine White says:

    They all suck now of days. You got spend five hungered dollar to make five hungered dollar. Thee year ago l could throw in ten dollars and win five hungered or four. You loose a lot. Not every time you set down.

  7. west sparks says:

    I think the casinos and slot makers are in bed together. All these new version games coming out pay nothing. Makes no difference what you bet. 99% of line pay backs don't exceed your bet. Bonuses are a rarity and when they do show up most times pay nothing. This video shows you the reality of what happens. All those vloggers showing you they are winning all the time should be taken off YouTube. They are selling a false narrative.

  8. michael tipton says:

    I hate those collossal reel games.

  9. anna brewster says:

    U R Right those games suck

  10. Ducky Lou Diva says:

    That game that shows all the credit prizes that you don't win really sucks

  11. MsTiff thaboss says:

    I agree with that mystery wheel of fortune game I played and cashed out so fast it sucked

  12. fast fords says:

    Gambling sucks I lost 6,600 in 3 weeks

  13. Ellie M says:

    Thank you for keeping it real!!! Thanks for sharing

  14. Charlotte Knepp says:

    You have to bet higher to win anything. Not worth it.

  15. Kody Rafdahl says:

    Wolf run gold is rubbish fs

  16. Jennifer O'Donnell says:

    I have rarely found a good machine. It's more like one out of a hundred chance of winning. I hope you win big and remember to take some of that money with you when you go home

  17. Kara Gawer says:

    Hi, new here. I looked through some of your vids. I was wondering if you have top ten games that you enjoy playing??
    I am going to Vegas next week.
    I am going for the 5 times tier at Caesars. Can you recommend a strategy to build tiers?? Thanks!

  18. The Artistic Boundaries Co. says:

    Horseshoe has gotten tighter over the years and LIVE isn't too far behind. I only went to MGM their first year… I couldn't seem to hit!!! Rocky Gap wasn't bad a few years ago but they are followign suit. Hollywod doesn't appeal to me and Ocean Downs is way too far. Maryland casinos lack real immediate competition so they seem to capitalize on that.

  19. Julia Hurtado says:

    I never win on Konami games

  20. john dahlman says:

    I just see those machines as every other slot my trips to casino always end up abysmal.

  21. Alexander Lionheart says:

    The worst kind of games are the ones with "enhanced" bets like the Witch bet on Munchkinland, the "More & Better Oompas" on World of Wonka, or all the orb bets on Treasure Ball. Why do I have to bet MORE with a low bet multiplier for a CHANCE at features that should already be apart of the game in the first place? "More & Better" bets are scams and I hate that I have to do it just to unlock extra features, whether its the doors revealing coins on Money Link, or the Double Chip & Chip Upgrade on Bond Games. I'm glad Heidi's Ocktoberfest got rid of them, but all they did was inflate the bets to the extreme. Slots don't feel the same like before anymore, at least before you can get some good playtime out of it even if you lose.

  22. ROBERT BEALS says:

    cash falls is the worst. i told my wife never to play it.

  23. reggie F says:

    Please do these often

  24. Magic Man says:

    Most IGT machines have terrible payouts, no matter how many wilds you get. I also think Aruze machines have also terrible payouts, depending on which game you play.

  25. Scotty B says:

    I Pretty much agree with all these games…. especially Cash Falls – UGH it's SO bad!! You might give Wolf Run Gold another try. I've yet to get the bonus but I've had some really nice feature wins and line hits. Is anything on your list for 2021 yet?

  26. Wannabe Slot Channel Steve says:

    You can put literally ANY IGT game on this list and it would make sense. I love Cash Falls, give it another shot!

  27. Victor Ong says:

    You should come to mbs singapore it's even worse. You had baseline of less than 10% chance of winning ?

  28. AA Slots says:

    Agree with your list except for the Wolf Run Gold. I categorize the worst slots is that impossible to get the huge win with normal bets of $2 to $5. The huge win in this case is 200X of the bet or higher. Thanks for this video.

  29. Diana Calzadias says:

    I go to Chukchansi and it is very rare to win anything on any machine!

  30. LL Slots says:

    May disagree about one. Haven’t played prancing pigs yet, but have had lots of luck on endless treasures/rising fortunes (including a $25k+ grand). You are spot on about the rest of those games though lol! Enjoyed the video Albert!

  31. Littlebitofnothin' says:

    Those IGT Slots are always tough, especially the 3 reels. That Konami slot with the wheels looked unimpressive, though I'd try that Dancing Drums 5 reel. I do like the new Spartacus. At least you were scoring bonuses which is the only differences with my casino trips. I just lose trying to get a bonus. After 100 spins, I finally get one and it pays only 5x my bet. But I still go back for more. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for posting and good luck! It's too early in the year to call out your worst but I'll be curious if any remain on this list at the end of 2021.

  32. Jerry Koshi says:

    I luv it. We got to look at both spectrums of slots. Will avoid these.

  33. DL Slot Vids says:

    Oof, tough go on these, Albert. I really like the Colossal Reels version of Lil' Red, but I'll be steering clear of Spartacus for sure. Thanks for taking one for the team!

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