1. FuryTV says:

    Would you guys like to see some full episodes of old/new events or should we stick to compilations?

  2. KODRAD88 CHANEL says:

    I like poker,
    I'am from Indonesia

  3. lewis fox says:

    I get that he had the stronger hand, but why celebrate like you have won already even before the flop. After the flop yeah sure go for it, but not pre flop as a 2:1 favourite

  4. Jeffery Oldridge says:

    Isn’t poker wonderful, where someone can do everything completely wrong and still get rewarded. This game is an absolute joke a good portion of the time lol.

  5. Tuấn Phệ says:

    Vietnamese champion

  6. Scott Carpenter says:

    When did Chris D’elia start playing poker?

  7. Zelly Zell says:

    4:12 the announcer fell out his chair LMAO

  8. mark moody says:

    Can someone run me through how Steve O'Dwyer is Irish? Is it a case of his great great grandmother's cat was from somewhere in Kerry or something?

  9. Boby Farhansyah says:

    Yuu yg mau join follow me

  10. Peleg Bar says:

    That Q-2.. what an annoying type of players, playing like stupid and eventually win… I hate it

  11. letsgomets07 says:

    The Hilton sisters lol, gonna steal that one

  12. QT8270 says:


  13. nevyl renoich says:

    1:39 This is the face you've got when you win poker in Red Dead Redemption 2

  14. Jimmy Two Times says:

    I almost feel bad when I win a hand like that guy with Q 2 did. I know I got outplayed and still get rewarded for it. I’ll take the money regardless tho

  15. Christian Rettig says:

    I actually would’ve punched someone in the face losing to a runner runner straight with Q2 off after calling out his bluff jam…

  16. Adam Meehan says:

    Time for some more poker insanity

  17. atty att says:

    Who thought the guy with the A-4 of clubs was gonna win??

  18. Brandon Miller says:

    Falling out the chair will NEVER get old.

  19. ChikaBOOM says:

    You just love to see Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi win!

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