1. FuryTV says:

    Thank you all for watching! What TOP 10 should we do next? 🙂

  2. Manlim Naga says:

    Poker is not for Chickenhearted people

  3. 国内网络访问 华体会 htbet1064.com找露露大额无忧 says:


  4. Wrenlin Whitelight says:

    In poker, your hands aren't the value you represent. They are money to be made. 2/2 or A/A.

    In poker, your money is your value, not these stupid cards. Bet/bluff to win. That's poker folks.

  5. QT8270 says:


  6. A D E L i N says:

    Imagine the frustration of the first guy on the first clip who folded with A 3

  7. Mitchell Hale says:

    Commentators calling out what the player is gonna do… while they do it… yeah anyone can be a commentator now a days. Lol

  8. Troy Ounce says:

    The sickest thing about these bluffs is that the only person who technically played their hand well was ODB. Even Ike is lighting money on fire by practically shoving all-in on the river with any two cards.

  9. Above Life says:

    Lots of bad folds…. And Isaac Haxton being a boss

  10. truth always says:

    please please enjoy your video a lot but stop making the comment in the beginning letting us know what's going to happen it's terrible

  11. LandB73 says:

    That would have been AWESOME and the best call in the history of poker if the guy would have called the all-in of that last hand… would have won with the 7 playing.

  12. Wes T says:

    Matas looks like Bryce Harper

  13. Michael X says:

    That last hand was so sick

  14. Victor P. says:

    How the hell can you fold trip kings, and you have a straight blocker 10. Only hand can beat is AA, AK

  15. Hunter 237 says:

    I was playing in the same event on #4. Everybody had heard about it & couldn't believe it.

  16. Adam Meehan says:

    This is the action we like

  17. Jimmy Kiddo says:

    15:13 when your girl dumps you

  18. Jimmy Kiddo says:

    Damn!! Kai played that hand like I play when I can see the cards.

  19. Michael Tyler says:

    13:53 If he'd been paying attention when he raised, that massive tell would have given him all the info he needed.

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