1. PunkNDisorderlyGamer says:

    Phil Luck

  2. Micky B says:

    That’s the type of thing that happens to me every time I’m dealt AA.

  3. Trey Yama says:

    phil is so funny

  4. tool inc. collection says:

    Players shouldn't get to close to the dealer.

  5. Neff Zillion says:

    i miss playground poker club

  6. Nate Sutton says:

    These are the worst announcers during the hand wtf sounds like 4 people talking over each other

  7. Mervin Bolton says:


  8. tool inc. collection says:

    Lakk cheated.he cheated on seiver and antonio.

  9. Victor Bukowsky says:

    lol the snowmobile story was great. Wind blowing through you, and all that.

  10. Da Alv says:

    Was he coked out on the last Clíp?

  11. TriColoredTiger says:

    Phil Laak is the D&D definition of Chaotic Good

  12. Peter Senna says:

    3:33 Seiver trying to figure out what mistake he made….wow gotta give respect for his control though.

  13. rory vonbrutt says:

    has to be the only time I've ever seen Antonio steamed….

  14. Remy Stern says:

    First clip was crazy

  15. DLC96_collector says:

    When did Shaun White become a pro poker player?

  16. phosgene2 says:

    AE: he won an invitational 15 years ago and he's still famous….

  17. clockwork1246 says:

    aren't ski goggles totally reflective?

  18. Michael Gray says:

    Damn Phil laak was such a fish lol but he did make the greatest play of all time marrying Jennifer Tilly

  19. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    That was a double gutshot btw

  20. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    Scott Seiver looks so punchable, I just fucking hate him.

  21. David Humphries says:

    i love laaks ski mask. fantastic. i wouldnt expect anything less from an Irishman. hon the irish

  22. MetalFilms says:

    Phil Laak with fucking ski goggles, calling AA with 42o as a short stack pre flop just to turn the nuts is the best moment in poker history.

  23. Yusuf Can says:

    This guy is lying crazy, all the time. Xow6. He needs therapy…..

  24. chris bono says:

    Phil was that your Stallone impression ?

  25. Jason Mark says:

    I've always thought that Laak was the Tommy Lee of the poker world.

  26. Brandon Kelly says:

    so sick

  27. steve combs says:

    Drinking around Laak would be hilarious. On shrooms around Laak would kill me.

  28. James Donald Morris says:

    Perfectly crazy!

  29. popados says:

    Phil "Luck" Laak

  30. The W says:

    Notable mentions : 1) flush vs fh against durrrr on high stakes poker 2) heads up vs Antonio on poker after dark

  31. Alejandro Mitre says:

    Don't get it twisted guys… Phil's literally a genius. What look like antics and questionable play to most, is how the man has made money at poker (not to mention other investments) for years

  32. ricky dona says:

    Antonio was trying so hard not to laugh at Phil

  33. Majid Bayazi says:

    You could hear Scott's soul break with that 24 hand lol

  34. Larry Wheeler says:

    They were suited.

  35. Zaman Modiri says:

    24s flop is insane unblivabal

  36. colby cala says:

    Bro phil is tripping

  37. Jake says:

    Gotta love Phil Laak

  38. Chris I. says:

    Can we just about though that he's not bluffing anything here. He's getting lucky and winning with the best hand. When you get constant card luck, it's easy to be amazing at poker

  39. Mohamed Elbtanony Art says:

    Who play zynga poker?

  40. micholly says:

    You can't be all loosey-goosey
    Laak: Hold my sandwich

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