1. FuryTV says:

    Thank you for watching! Have a happy new year everyone!

  2. Ertznay says:

    That first guy is so spun I don't think he knows where he is.

  3. Anthony Martinez says:

    These new poker faces seem odd.

  4. QT8270 says:


  5. Otto Mais says:

    Wow Phil Helmut can really play poker,,,

  6. John Trevett says:

    Charlie is a very poor poker player.

  7. teresa bivens says:

    Easy laydown when you're friends and playing as a team..Wake up people!

  8. Nick says:

    last hand 10 8 was easy fold the rest were sick calls

  9. مهند says:

    I was playing a tournament $30 entry on full tilt. I had pocket 9 from the BB going to the flop in a 4 way action late in the tournament. Flop comes 10 9 10. Player 1 bet. Player 2 call. I was licking my chops! But then Player 3 (SB) moves all in. I was certain 1000% my boy sitting next to me hit the quad 10. It's just the way that hand played out. till today i still regret not folding my full house!

  10. Undertaker67203 says:

    Wow, this first two were awesome reads but laying down a set of 10s is epic.

  11. ipay youtube says:

    You can edit out some of the staring and tanking.

  12. Aleph Null says:

    After countless failed attempts at epic hero calls, Hellmuth finally makes a correct call…

  13. Mr. SlightlyBearded says:

    So that's what Macaulay Culkin has been doing since Home Alone…

  14. Vitinho PlayMaker says:

    good hands

  15. Ross Markham says:

    Can someone explain why Max has Paul beat on the last hand? Both have a set with Paul having the higher set. What am I missing?

  16. Zakky Fuad says:

    Saha iek

  17. Tom Vickers says:

    10 8 pretty much only beats a bluff and 4 10 10 is not really a bluffing board

  18. Brandon Mcclintick says:

    Why does trips 4s beat trips 10’s I’m confused

  19. Jump Juulz says:

    Is it just me but do players not balance their all ins on the river. Most of the time o see it and it’s a bluff or with weak cards

  20. Sofa King says:

    Rollercoaster video. Hate Charlie with a passion, he's a disgusting person when you see the shit hes said. Love Phil even if he is a brat, then that last one…wtf how is that great? He was getting 2/1, couldn't bust, and could river the nuts with either a 10 or an 8, a J would fill him up too. Thats 7 outs 2/1 with 3 of a kind, and no chance of losing a single chip more if you were already gonna fold. Its only a good fold if you 100% know he had J10 specifically, which he didn't have.

  21. Fer Segura says:

    Charlie has the most punchable face ive seen

  22. thi nguyen says:

    I bet you Roberto didn’t win the tournament lol gotta give Phil a little credit after watching this video… however Tran was way too aggressive against Phil. Just gotta be more patient against phil and let him bluff and call with weaker hands lol also if it was a 3 of clubs Phil would have still called too. He just got lucky that Tran didn’t have anything to beat an 8 lol. I think I would’ve called the turn since I could hit a better boat on the river on that last hand but the pot odds was definitely worth it to see the river. :/

  23. Trebinje 87 says:

    Phil just does not like to be bluffed on Tv so he is always calling. He made infinite number of bad calls, he must get it once.

  24. Marcopolo Deoliveira says:

    Jeez that last hand, what a fold man. I’d lose all my chips in that situation.

  25. Dice2G Mobile Game says:

    me: charlies player picture
    the guys my crush likes: charlie staring at roberto

  26. Rosi Nach says:

    charlie look very sick

  27. Virat Pansuriya says:

    Can someone explain me the last hand… doesn’t the guy who folded have 3 of a kind 10

  28. Leon Zander says:

    3:14 he is staring him to death so he needs to fold

  29. Jonathan Trego says:

    Does Charlie ever make a successful bluff?

  30. vinaki le says:

    Ive laid down pocket kings preflop. True stories

  31. Jordan W says:

    First guy slamming his chips down and staring uncomfortably while waiting are huge tells

  32. Jordan W says:

    0:33 you’re a cesspool lady

  33. Karl Warner says:

    phil is an amazing poker master. those tempers, all act.

  34. BrettMKW says:

    First guy is the same guy who laid down jacks full of tens and was right. He has some uncanny reads.

  35. River PB says:

    last player played it beautifully

  36. yeeluvspizza says:

    Thanks, ur intro destroyed my speakers. Geez.

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