30 thoughts on “TOP three MOST AMAZING POKER TRAPS EVER!”
  1. Daniel Chan says:

    cunningham is such a bad player

  2. Jay Scoggs says:

    Eldar raises to $4,000 with pocket 4s…. but has Q/5 off suit. Good announcers never correct themselves. Haha

  3. agentd36 says:

    I bang tissues

  4. QT8270 says:


  5. aaron breeds says:

    when someone min raises on the river and they have plenty of chips , they want you to call

  6. aaron breeds says:

    first hand: 'his minimum raise has gotta be 25k" … yes, of course, that is literally the min when theres a 25k bet in front of you lmao… when the announcers dont know how to play

  7. dave m says:

    Too pear. <<< sarcasm spelling for the Spelling Police

  8. QT8270 says:


  9. Quang Như says:

    De con cho trong tien

  10. Carlos Jenkins says:

    Never liked Tony G never will

  11. Jeffery Oldridge says:

    Open calling a straddle with pocket Jacks is a god awful play. They say there’s no right way to play JJ, but that’s definitely a rookie maneuver.

  12. Mixing Slowly says:

    Tony G getting frustrated is the best thing to watch!

  13. Eli Monter says:

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  14. Riza Darap says:

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  16. Srikandi Sakura says:

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  18. Kumquat Perk says:

    “Gnite, John Boy.”

  19. out4delf says:

    After seeing the first “amazing trap ever,” there’s no need to take this video serious and watch any more.

    Continued watching for shits and giggles, commentator says, “he’s drawing dead on the flop…. “ sooooo king, king can’t come? 5:54.

  20. Chris C says:

    The first game sounds like it's happening inside of a ventilation duct. The last game sounds like it happening on the opposite side of an automatic sliding door at a Walmart. Open close open cloae

  21. raLan says:

    “Oh boy. OH BOYYY!” followed up by that laugh at Tony Gs expense is one of the all time great poker commentating lines. Lmao.

  22. Texan Football Houston says:

    Good day very good

  23. Tone Banderas says:

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  24. Khavadiya Jatin says:

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  25. ted evans says:

    Typical Slob Tony G. , blaming the dealer !

  26. Arkin Tagle says:

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