25 thoughts on “💥🚂💥 Touchdown All 5 Bonus Symbols On Money Locomotive Slot Machine! 💥🚂💥”
  1. Randy Holcomb says:


  2. David Macias says:

    So Close to that Major RING DING

  3. Shaun Pierce says:

    Cause I got mthrfkn button pushing SKILLS…..attaboy

  4. Michelle Denieff says:

    The legend continues…

  5. carl blumenstock says:

    OOOOHHHHH, I hate Pissy Pisserson!

  6. Kosala Sar says:


  7. Larry Preiser says:

    Had a 32 spin bonus, with retriggers betting $5 per spin on mighty cash at parx, PA casino. Fuckers game me a $75 bonus. TOTAL!!!.
    Now that's bullshit. Good luck. Great vids as always.

  8. Randall Wood says:

    Wisconsin Dairyland watching

  9. Todd R says:

    You can’t film at prairie meadows?

  10. Tyron Megawatts says:

    Why is it that the best bonus triggers are followed by a weak bonus?

  11. Kj says:

    Great bonuses!

  12. Amber Dean says:

    Once again, the skills are astonishing! Merrr.

  13. Kosal Hen says:

    Yes SDguy you got skills.

  14. Becky T says:

    Too much winning

  15. Joyce Feurer says:

    U certainly have skills

  16. Ryan M says:

    Im still waiting to see about that wristband?!?! : O

  17. Scratch Queen407 says:

    hey sd great Monday vid

  18. Badluck Bart says:

    Another fantastic slot video!

  19. Johnny b Goode says:

    It's the 5 trigger curse! Upfront money and squat on the spins!!!

  20. Christine Benson says:

    Arnold makes you wait for him? Does he know who you are?

  21. Slot Stoner says:

    catchin up on some vids, been crazy RL lately

  22. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    Xerxes? Haven't seen that one in a while. Funny – yesterday, I found a Return to Planet Loot and the sound was LOUD! Loved it!

  23. Matt K says:

    I'd consider that 5 trigger bonus to be part of the cursed family. Atleast you did win 100X for the trigger!

  24. Noonediva says:

    Brian I see we are back on schedule for early videos with breakfast

  25. Erik Jones says:

    Oh the snow! Good luck af

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