37 thoughts on “Trapping With a Full Home | Poker Vlog #149”
  1. Griffin Money says:

    Love the content man. Keep grinding

  2. B. Man says:

    You get aces and get raise on the flop never fails pokerstars gave them a set almost to predictable .

  3. Hawkeye Richardson says:

    Quick question. Does your hand history tracking software (PokerTracker4 , etc.) allow you to track multi-tables simultaneously?

  4. Tony says:

    5:00 Incredible overplay with KJ. Would definitely take a note

  5. EpicDutchie14 says:

    What a gross runbad session. GG for staying this calm tho lol

  6. Jared Todd says:

    Run bad in full effect

  7. miguel hernandez says:

    What website do you usually play on?

  8. TragonZ says:

    At 1.29, I this it’s an clear fold 3Kh. Since the big blind bets big on turn, he has a made hand. Moreover, he overbets the river targeting flush (two guys call turn, one of them might be spade draw, another one is heart draw). I was guessing the only full house he could have is 56 because setT and setJ will squeeze preflop.

  9. Imanol Cases Gimenez says:

    You AK… In the river is better check/ check. You only Have top pair!
    If you bet in the river an he bet all in never call! You pay for loose!
    Sorry for my English. I Am Spanish player at NL10

  10. Wiktor Libera says:

    Im impressed with how calm you are.

  11. dylan g says:

    good video as always david! do you play any live poker or just stick to online mostly?

  12. Sjoerd Barnhoorn says:

    Aq pre is easy 3b fold right. Unless you have a read that he is aggro bluffing 78s and stuff allin. De 33 hand on 388 i like a raise on the flop. If he has a 8 he call. If he has an overpair he calls. If he has a flushdaw he calls. Extract more. The block bet call and your reasoning i like with ak. But not with the a of diamonds. I would bet fold that. The change him bluffing is real small with only a few suited connected hands. I expect to see a lot of ax two pair combos here.

  13. Can of Paint says:

    The neighbors would've caught my computer as it flew out the window, when I saw that Queen on the river. You handle the run bad lightyears better than i do. Lol

  14. Austin Hill Hill says:

    Man firsts off I respect your game but man lately you have had sooo many people suck out on you!

  15. Thomas Eychenne says:

    3b/fold AQo (not being RO) except if you have specific note on fish
    K3hh if reg is overbetting here i would exploit easy-fold, he would never bluff anything here as having miss spade draw or str8 draw are bad combo to bluff with, and advanced bluff would be Tx but who would do that ? he would always think about overbetting fonly w fullhouses (not even lower flush..) to get called by flushes, ,its exploitable but whatever, nobody will exploit you if you fold, they dont see your cards….
    you can't do much on the other hands
    A common pattern that cost you a lot is that you just can't click fold 🙂

    pretty sure you underbluff as i can't see much in your footage, maybe its a choice you have to give a specific image of yourself to opponents but if its the case its a bad idea because you don't really want them to overfold when you value so much and if you do bluff a lot (its tough to overbluff compared to gto anyway) they will catch it quickly by your freqencies
    Just put out some bluffs up there, opponents will see them and pay you off more often 😉 it maximes your vpip as well and rises the EV of some marginal holdings from your range 😉

    gg!good luck im sure things will switch if you keep good work

  16. KM Snow says:

    I’d take a couple of days off from poker. Some other fun hobby would come in handy. Get out of the house for sure.

  17. Eric Cartman says:

    Q on the river was brutal.

  18. JoeyGemelli says:

    sorry I give only negative feedback but I jus state what I see

  19. JoeyGemelli says:

    i think the AQ gotta fold there. offsuit esp

  20. Zavier Warren says:

    Couldn’t even make a worse run out for aces, nice fold. Tons of coolers, still so fun to watch

  21. James Guest says:


  22. Jordan Mason says:

    Hey David, I love watching your videos! I've been running bad like this and I really admire how well you seem to stay focused even after the beats. I definitely need to learn to handle bad beats better and to focus after they happen. I was wondering about the 33 hand. You flop a full house and I get slow playing on flop because we need to keep bluffs in and you have board locked up. With this big of a value hand, we want to play for stacks. So when he bets like 26 (half pot on turn) and you just flat, it will make it much more difficult to get all the money in on the river. I think a check raise could bear more fruit if played out several times there. Either way, keep up the positivity!

  23. Jay says:

    such sick spots

  24. Chris Mccalman says:

    AJ hearts where you call 3 bet performs way better as a 4 bet bluff in these positions, esp against that size of 3 bet. Shouldn't have any calls versus more than 3.5x 3 bets when OOP.

  25. Chad In says:

    Love these videos. You should totally collab with other YouTubers who do poker vlogs like Rampage Poker to gain more exposure!

  26. NitTorious Dustin says:

    On the first hand when you 3 bet the ace queen and called his jam, he raised 15 and you to 70. With a bigger 3 bet from you and he still jams, you're hardly ever good or at best maybe flipping

  27. McPimpingtonTube says:

    AA cracked. KK cracked. AK cracked. T8 just called, smaller flush just called. Ridiculous session. Bad run.

    This is one where I study every spot and every hand to A) See that I did nothing wrong and that's just poker, or B) Learn from my mistakes. Either way, it's good to study it. Better luck next session!

  28. NotTheNuts says:

    I've been trying to improve and finding the fold in those spots like the ones where the villain had JJ and flopped top set. It's so hard to fold the overpair there, but man that looked a whole lot like jacks. You just never know if they've got it or they're overvaluing top top or just drawing. So tough…

  29. Joshua Beane says:

    Watching your sessions lately remind me why ive taken a lil break. Ive been reading a couple of Dan Harringtons books to just reset and start fresh when i do start playing again. I want to play but i know i need to study more. You handle the swings very well David. The only hand i didnt like was the early all in with A,Q. I figure he has at least A,K there which dominates your holding. Hindsight allways 20,20 tho. Keep grinding buddy. Btw i miss the Bovada zone vlogs

  30. Kaco says:

    What do you do when you run terribly like this? Been there before, first thing that comes to mind is Poker isn’t for me…..

  31. ion alexandru ion says:

    Clearly you are dealing with a bit of a downswing. All the spots seem ok to me except that AK bet small to induce on the river and call off in the 3bet pot. I think that is just a shove or a check back. I don't think you can induce a c/raise on the river on an A high board when u have prety much invested in the pot already. Hope to see some winning session soon, Best of luck.

  32. sean powell says:

    rotten luck mate

  33. Cain Smith says:

    Man you were running miserably

  34. Villy Om says:

    it hurts my heart to see you run like this my man

  35. Mulmi says:

    This makes me angry

  36. Jbittins99 says:


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