22 thoughts on “Triple Double Diamond – $25 Double Prime Greenback – Excessive Restrict Slot Play”
  1. Lynn Murphy says:

    Nice hits

  2. brayden bontrager says:

    Back when I started watching I just wanted to see you lose now the best one are where you profit

  3. Mr. Temptech says:

    Love top dollar! Great video

  4. Stephanie Lessard says:

    Im,Paul and if i hit a power ball or Mega money, I would buy a Monday thru friday job and They Iwould make them wouvzçx xx x

  5. J says:

    Your content makes my feet stink!

  6. Crispin’s Crispian says:

    $500 on red Video roulette

  7. Jay Boog_est.78 says:

    Nice come back

  8. Ten Jordans says:

    I don’t see how you could get thumbs down. We are loyal subscribers

  9. Mary E Abrams says:

    Looks like the Golden Nugget needs to remodel the high limit room.

  10. Kristine Guetschow says:

    That Triple Double Diamond machine should be ashamed!

  11. PKOENT125 says:

    Great move on Top Dollar.

  12. oncenterline says:

    Hey NJSG, why bet $25 times 2 = $50 when it pays you it multiplies your base bet denom by the points awarded when you can just bet $50 times 1 and when you are awarded points it will be multiplied by $50 base bet as opposed to the $25 base bet that you are making anyways? So what is the benefit of betting $25 times two, if there is one?

  13. DJ Dynomite says:

    Nice comeback. Really thought it was over at top dollar. Down to $150 and that luck change.

  14. RickieRickRack says:

    Second to last spin you had a Red 7 +White single bar+Blue double bar, doesn't that pay?

  15. Andrew Worries says:

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  16. spider88able says:

    great job

  17. Lady T 777 says:

    That TD machine alwayz starts with 5 on the bonus, that should be an error for a machine to alwayz generate the same first number.

  18. Steve Laurezana says:

    Man that could have been better thankful you came out ahead! Thx for sharing brother!)

  19. Mark Challed says:

    NJ comeback kid! Nice play taking the win. Thanks for the post.

  20. Michael Putnam says:

    Good one we appreciate it as we are in total lockdown out here !

  21. Greg The Gambler says:

    Nice bonus hit on Top Dollar! I thought you were going to hit 4X triple bar after that one bonus.

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