34 thoughts on “Triton London 2019 Les Ambassadeurs £100okay Quick Deck Non-public Match Last Desk – Episode 1”
  1. panglima langit xyz says:

    Can i sleep,now?

  2. Natalja Simanok says:

    I understand english bad! But commentator is good!

  3. Кирилл Валерыч says:

    Такое чувство, что Дуан на отходах

  4. Alexandr Zazulea says:

    4 макс сбросить AQ на алын от самого короткого стека?! Супертайт. А потом пойти алын с сопом который перекрывает тебя по фишкам со старшой парой???!!!! Оч плохо….

  5. Vansuh says:

    18:35 flop straight
    24:15 Quads

  6. The_Real_Big_Boss says:

    Love it

  7. pepito mimi says:

    Menudo pescado el timofey , foldea dos veces AQ cuando los llevaba pisados claramente preflop, para luego regarlas wtf

  8. Paul Park says:

    Tan Xuan slow rolling & playing like shit, yet manages to hit on everything. Pure luck.

  9. Anthony says:

    20:27 dwan knows not to insult the triad

  10. xenospark says:


  11. Tom Price says:

    @19:56. Funny – can't fault him for saying that.

  12. Pale Zombie says:

    Is Tom Dwan half bat eater?

  13. Still Shady says:

    Great players+excellent commentary by Lex+absolute mathematic mindfuck= an excellent hour spent !

  14. Jay Shao says:

    poker players and bosses

  15. QT8270 says:


  16. City Cruiser says:

    since when is the A gonna act like a 5 ??? lol what a joke, i'm out

  17. Lang Cheng says:

    Best commentator in the business. Absolute class

  18. rock stevie says:

    that sunspec…. wont able to see through the card ???????? through reflections? xD

  19. 1226 kei says:


  20. BakaRaymoo says:

    i was thinking "my god they all look so old now a days" and then they all limped LOL

  21. Joci Ócsai says:

    Tom looks like a Moron while thinKing

  22. 吴房间 says:

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  23. sanfrancity100 says:

    Tom been sniffing the columbian here. Great lad

  24. lelong tan says:

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  26. PotatoBrick says:

    haven't seen Phil and Dwan (and poker in general) in some time…. they are really showing their age…

  27. Tommy Wiseau says:

    I think it would be hilarious if they made constant playing with your chips illegal during tournaments.

  28. mangengking pandaan says:

    why the cards from number 2-6 never appears ?

  29. Jose says:

    that chinese guy doing 1 hour of shitty noise with the chips my gosh….. is that really allowed? every single fuxing second?

  30. ТурбоТОП says:

    Durrr looking healthy as always

  31. woncho1 says:

    Wow. Let there be light! There’s actually sun light I see, that’s a first indoor tournament I see. AJ Vs 10 8, that’s the highlight hand?!

  32. barbarian horde says:

    Do they all have compulsive neurosis disorder? Whats with the fidgeting with the chips, do you mind???

  33. Marvin Mirkovic says:

    after 5 hands i swear my brain went crazy..shortdeck is sick..but a huge trap for "mediocre" player

  34. spacetime says:

    Phil just coasting to top 3. It hurts me watching how far Dwan has fallen. Sadge.

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