37 thoughts on “Trump's former Atlantic Metropolis on line casino imploded after years of disrepair”
  1. Justin Heath says:

    Looks very similar to 911 ??? Building number 7

  2. Asad Marji says:

    The bashful twig positionally pump because debtor retrospectively phone plus a sophisticated germany. scarce, rainy millimeter

  3. Kustom Kode says:

    Looks just like Building 7

  4. fallon carrington says:

    Isn’t it terrifying how buildings fall silently…

  5. Eric F says:

    Just like his presidency.

  6. yankeedog6 says:

    Dang that was satisfying… just like when trump lost

  7. Pedro Sanchez says:

    Who donated the most to push the button.

  8. Reuben Riojas says:

    Let’s hope that this is the first step in the crumbling of the rest of his fake empire.

  9. PJ P says:

    They should do this to all his turdy buildings

  10. talkr21 says:

    Its just insane how people do controlled demolishes

  11. Evil Dax says:

    Looks familiar. Wtc7 anyone?

  12. BIGBADWOOD says:


  13. Chris Zuniga says:

    This looks like the work of Dominion voting systems. A lot of people told me that they saw a bunch of people in the middle of the night dropping massive dumps all over the place..but people weren't allowed to see.

  14. Gravity Zero says:

    This is a great analogy for the “ so much winning “

  15. PRM - Political Opinion VLOG says:

    Hopefully, Rudy was inside.

  16. Drumpf Tawrd says:

    I bet the city paid the bill for this one.

  17. Mark Dornon says:

    I sure hope Trump was watching.

  18. Tammarah Hamilton says:

    Now just to out Trump in prison

  19. Bob K says:

    Vanished like Biden’s plan to crush corona virus

  20. ManBearPig says:

    Owange man bad deeerrrr

  21. kerman725 n5 says:

    Wonderful sight

  22. Butters says:

    I can't wait for the Democratic party to implode as well.

  23. Ian Fenwick says:

    Wow, the passing of a landmark! Times change and Atlantic City fades again into obscurity.

  24. Your Mother says:


  25. melena hammond says:

    the cheering lol!!! i would be cheering too

  26. Grupo El Comienzo says:

    Cumon guys this is CGI!!

  27. Yeanar Meene says:

    1 freaking billion dollars

  28. Jason Duey says:


  29. Cod Mobile says:

    Trump is still my president

  30. MrGruffteddybear says:

    One Trump eyesore down, many more to go.

  31. The Raccoon Pope says:

    Lot of mob guys are pissed

  32. Stef Shock says:

    The symbolism is the best part!

  33. Clay Turnbull says:

    End of the Trump presidency.

  34. Fish Lips says:

    How do you implode a building?

  35. Didso Lv says:

    where did i see that free fall of a building before hmmmmmmm did any planes hit this one building too or was it a controlled demolition?

  36. Nate one says:

    why I feel like the title was trying to be dramatic just because it involved trumps name? standard

  37. MrMichaelXX says:

    I like the horn guy

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