11 thoughts on “Twitch Poker Moments ep. 117”
  1. Top Lad says:

    Last hand show the reality of online poker,doesn't matter how good you are you will always lose,they will give you the nuts so you bet all your money and opponent is gonna win runner runner always deep in a tournament,it's all a bloody scam

  2. Joshua Zerbe says:

    how DARE you end the ginger clip so early

  3. Criatura says:

    How did Lex thought he had the NUTS? I thought the guy Had 8d9d but he just slowrolled..

  4. Carlos Maldonado says:

    cards manipulation, so obvious, u think its random. fucking skam.

  5. Jake Szczepaniak says:

    The first guy has no right to play the game what a joker who slow rolls with the nuts anymore?

  6. John Ripple says:

    The Ultimate Course by MMAsherdog

  7. coke villagra says:

    pokerstars que basura de plataforma

  8. T L says:

    Damn that last hand was nice, what a douche

  9. Tian Tian says:

    Dawidu91 Fish slow call

  10. Dendelin007 says:

    šŸ˜€ the very first clip with Lex, I was actually hoping the exact thing would happen and then it happened šŸ˜€ loved that slowroll too haha

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