10 thoughts on “Twitch Poker Moments ep. 38”
  1. bialeczko91 says:

    Do You have a clip where bbz folded nut flush to limitless? He deleted clip from twitch :/

  2. Ярослав says:

    7:14 красава)

  3. RaVeN85 says:

    Really don't like the gimmick that you need to turn over the rivercard yourself.

  4. Nico Newtime says:

    shame you had to edit out the "time to say goodbye" music on Henris clip, that made it a lot better. Check out his IG if u havent seen it! Thanks for making these videos btw

  5. pappa xxx says:

    Yes fuck b itch jokerstars

  6. Welux says:

    keep going!

  7. piet paulusma says:

    Feels good to see Jeff getting lucky for once

  8. Tomas Gomes says:

    5:16 i cant see any straight…

  9. spoder4k says:

    why does Buehler hit so many bad beats lol

  10. spoder4k says:

    1:43 Spraggy had a 10 too!!

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