9 thoughts on “Twitch Poker Moments ep. 52”
  1. Richard_Mani says:

    No sound some clips because of copyright?

  2. adam c says:

    222222 =4444

  3. Владислав Панкратов says:

    3:10 so stupid

  4. Zuperthaner says:

    Hopefully you can still make these with twitch's new policy

  5. Chris Hansen says:

    1:41 "not sure if this guy is going to bluff again"… so why are you betting? lol

  6. Denis Penes says:

    tututu tututu

  7. Valentin Ilykhin says:

    Best channel

  8. Backdoor Quad Draw says:

    Guy at 1:08 is a gigantic fish lmao

  9. NutsIMO says:


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