22 thoughts on “Tzanca Uraganu ❌ John Albert ❌ Gp Blaze​ – Ai intrat in viata mea ca intr-un cazino (Asul) 2021”
  1. Gp Blaze says:


    Love is blind and i can see it in your eyes
    i tried to make you wise you only wanna pay the Prize
    i told you never trust her thats the fact you can’t deny
    you gave up everything you had that started cos of love
    she stole your heart a day
    you pushed your friends away
    you looked into her eyes and said i’ll always be your bae
    your crazy of this love that only started just today
    she’s gonna break your heart and make you cry another day
    she’ll be right around with your hommies
    and right around with your best friend
    chilling around where your phone is
    and texting out some Ex-men

    your crazy of this love that only started just today
    she’s gonna break your heart and make you cry another day

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  2. Grajdeanu Dan says:

    check mobb deep- the learning

  3. Super Hype v2 says:

    RO: Super frumos, cânți super tare!
    EN: Very beautiful, you sing very good!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Stroke33 says:

    imi place cum canti ! bravo

  5. Stelica Darie says:

    În melodia asta sunt niște cuvinte care îți cade la suflet


    I'm place melodia îmi vin să plâng după melodia asta faina

  7. Patricu Cheregi says:

    Te ador e super melodia

  8. Patricu Cheregi says:

    Reacționează la el nino o poveste dintre blocuri pls

  9. 乂‿乂Xanax says:


  10. povesti gacha life says:

    Cred k am ascultato până acum de 500 de ori e super piesa

  11. Luk Bâtiment says:

    Forța piesa pentru cine îl reprezintă!!!!exact ce simte un jucător adevărat

  12. Daniela elena Titirica says:

    Esti nr 1 si piesa la fel ''''''I-ai an trecut pe multi felicitări

  13. Carmen Barsa says:

    Super melodie,nu ma mai satur sa o ascult.

  14. Costin Savulescu says:

    Super tare

  15. Victor PK says:


  16. Laurentiu Ionut says:

    Bun nr1 tzanca

  17. Hajni Szatmari says:

    Piesa asta ma unge pe suflet ❤️

  18. Bogdan 6 says:

    Very very nice⚠️

  19. FIRE KING says:

    Ador melodia asta❤️si este prea frumoasa❤️❤️❤️

  20. Ardy Ardina says:

    Pfff … superba ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Carmen Roman says:

    Ce mai frumoasă melodie bravo

  22. maario bomba oficial says:

    E in trending piesa asra

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