6 thoughts on “Ultimate Desk 5 Diamond World Poker Traditional Highlights WPT Important Occasion”
  1. Luca Ferrieri says:

    Also, anyone else get extreme delay watching Ryan Fee get aces cracked lol

  2. Karl cox says:

    Chrania s folds are so annoying… I would punsh him sittin there

  3. Bradley Owen Campbell says:

    Can I see his hand? Then karma strikes

  4. George Tonwashing says:

    F…that dealer.

  5. Stevie Paterson says:

    When was this tournament?

  6. bCp - Poker Highlights says:

    Spoiler ALERT

    the broadcast did not show that there was a deal, when the stacks were equal, they chop and played for the title $ 1,177,890 $ 1,169,683

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