23 thoughts on “Undertale (Xbox) | All Unique Canine Shrine/On line casino Interactions”
  1. ArtistaLyss says:

    Mad Mew Mew is canonically trans apparently (then again that's assuming Mad Dummy wasn't a girl originally)

  2. K1rd_lol says:

    (sad pc player noises)

  3. Logan Mellor / Agent 3 says:

    "Hyperbolic cucumber chamber"? OOOOO DBZ REFERENCE!

  4. ElmasterjugonYT says:

    6:48 this means that papyrus can take shortcuts as well?

  5. ElmasterjugonYT says:

    4:57 xbox 360 kinnet reference and star wars dance off or just dance reference

  6. FATAL Guy says:

    Bruh… I prefered the idea that mettaton was napstablook's neighbor also, why'd mettaton call them blooky and be very attached to him if he wasn't his neighbor like just mad mew mew saying they're napstablook's neighbors makes me wanna do the

  7. Oleh HL says:

    He says coin's

  8. dania riddle says:

    8:51 Mew mew is the ruler of everything confirmed

  9. thinken. says:

    oh boy, gambling in undertale

  10. Carrick Velkrow says:

    wait mad mew mew was trans?

  11. great storyteller says:

    Holy crap. My mind was blown threw the ruff when it was revealed MEW MEW was blookys naber

  12. Zac Wolfe says:

    Is there any way to slow the spin down permanently?

  13. Ethan Smith says:

    And if you get words spelling out Sans..
    Well let’s just say…

    Your gonna have a Bad Time!

  14. Flygoniaks says:

    You know, I would laugh if the "under the sink" saga culminated in an unexpected update for the Steam version, adding something there as well.

  15. Quelli Stranati says:

    (How my face disintegrates into chalk)
    (If this mirror were clearer I'd be standing so tall)

  16. omniscient omnipresent says:


  17. Dbzfinal2 says:

    hyper bolic cucumber chamber. lmao-

  18. isekai - llo says:

    Great! At the end it gives you money back so you don't have to scam temmie anymore and pay for his cooleg!

  19. RhythmOSauce says:

    It’s cannon, Sans is an epic gamer

  20. Hithalo says:

    wHoS hErE bEfoRe 50k vIeWs?

  21. Neko Warrior Ltd. says:

    Slot machines are really hard to get the timing right on since they go like really freaking fast.

  22. BFB Four says:

    Time to buy the game for the 5th time

  23. OmegaNave says:

    You say Mew Mew will be there in the pacifist ending, but she just randomly showed up there for me half way through the neutral ending. First Sans is there, then I come back and he’s gone, I come back again and there’s Mew Mew.

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