22 thoughts on “Unhealthy Beat Poker Jackpot Triggered at Harrahs Atlantic Metropolis. Sick Hand Quad Queens vs Royal Flush”
  1. Daniel Windwalker says:

    Big bucks all the way around. Congratulations

  2. anthony Young says:

    So nobody sees 5 Qs?

  3. Andrew says:

    Lmao guy recording is so excited that his ID and players card is on the table for YouTube

  4. Clayton C says:

    The whole table wins?

  5. MewtwoStruckBack says:

    I wonder if there’s ever been a situation where the two people involved in the Bad Beat hated each other and one of them challenged the other to play heads up with the entirety of their BBJ payouts just to make sure one of them would be going home broke that night.

  6. Iko Mike says:

    4.9 Million wowwwwwww

  7. Tim Beaty says:

    Hit the Bad beat 3x and was the one on the losing side. Hit my 4th last year for a table share.

  8. Broke Gambler Slots says:

    Waiting for the day… nice … New subscriber here

  9. CompletelyUselessChannel says:

    Saw a guy hit receiving end of a bad beat pot twice in one session and tipped the dealer $50 both times. He got paid in the neighborhood of 38k. He claimed he really needed the money lol

  10. ALFREDO says:

    Do both players get paid or only the winner?

  11. frank says:

    good luck.

  12. Steve Winter says:

    I'm trying to deal the one at my poker room it's a hundred and twenty k that's almost doubled then when the normal one goes it's hard to deal

  13. derek walls says:

    What's was the payout?

  14. Shane Garland says:

    Anyone know what this particular payout was?

  15. Jakethasnake52 says:

    I play there and I remember it being bad beat down to quad 9s and they would lower it every 2 weeks. Awesome

  16. Miss Daisy The Raccoon says:

    The only game where the loser get paid more money than the winning hand. However, there are some casinos that pay everyone on the table a small part of the progression, and the winner getting a bit more and the loser getting the majority.

  17. Miss Daisy The Raccoon says:

    What was the payout?

  18. David R Hostetler says:

    shit IL take the Royal ANY day 🙂
    heck yeah…
    and if you love poker you'll LOVE pokerstars online 🙂

  19. Wesley Scott says:

    Bad beat pays more than losing the hand.. good on!

  20. Poker Tone says:

    Sucks to be the Royal Flush hand here!

  21. Dustin Platt says:

    How much was the bad beat jackpot and did the players at the table get paid too?

  22. EBK 187 says:

    Nice I hit a bad beat once also .

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