26 thoughts on “Up-and-coming On line casino Streamers! #6”
  1. blue eyes white dragonite says:

    Zeelazyman is sponsored and on a salary it is not his own money, he's jumped from 40-60c to $5 bets. If you think this is real you need your head examined. boycott this fraud.

  2. Sotiry Ivanov says:

    How can some be called an “up and coming casino streamer” when they don’t know how much does 4 explorers give! That is literally the most popular slot

  3. Gert-Jan Hoog says:

    Damn where do you find those fake money fools all the time. It's a shame.

  4. Carlos 67 says:

    Last one is Fake! The Picture of the Man on Reel 1 is Fake!

  5. Benjy Dale says:

    Love the BOD one where they thought it was £50 from the Explorers but it was actually £500 🙂

  6. Angel says:

    I was waiting for the bearded lady to make an appearance too.

  7. Burford Billy says:

    Why is hideous slots not on this??..give the guy some exposure he deserves it far funnier than any of these sheep….get paiiiidddd, hello youtube. Boring zzzzzzzzzzz. Search Hideous slots extra if you want to watch a channel with its own personality

  8. Thomas Roedgaard says:

    Wow that BOD win. Been chasing that since the game was released and I don`t even play the shitty 94% version, like this guy 😀

  9. bogdan i says:

    3:15 doyle streamers ffs….

  10. Rastaman says:

    Cant stop my laugh on that reaction on 1000x book of dead

  11. TheMerlin1984 says:

    I think streamers should get verified. Like a blue tick, to say you’re legitimate. A verified streamer.

  12. geggs1 says:

    It’s good to see genuine reactions for a change. I’m getting a bit tired of those $€£10 per spin fools.

  13. Callum Hobday says:

    Love roseyreels

  14. Jaap Pillenboer says:

    A new batch of jobless losers.

  15. Paul Mccaw says:

    If you're going to stick £1,000 into a slot machine, put £500 in instead and spend £500 on a decent streaming setup first. Some of the quality of those streams is beyond garbage.

  16. Rhys says:

    About as much personality and charisma as a fucking beef burger! Cant stand it when people stream slots aswell and dont have a fucking clue about what they are playing or what's going on! Not knowing what explorers pay is criminal

  17. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    U should do some
    Funny outtakes or bad misses low scores mix it up be a laff watchin other side of the coin

  18. The Husketeers says:

    I come to Casino Grounds to see the big wins but watching these clowns play for hours on end is my idea of torture

  19. Ryder Reels says:

    hahahaha I'd love to stream casino. Just haven't got the money to and would never stoop so low as to use fake money like 80% of the casino streamers.

  20. Νικόλαος Κωτσιόπουλος says:


  21. Kornél Farkas says:

    * Up-and-coming scammer actors

  22. Christian.M says:

    Hallo youtube

  23. Jimbo's Slots and Gambling Channel says:

    haha he knew it was 500 the little rascal xD

  24. steve dd says:

    Most of these people have the personality of a plank of wood . Wouldn't be because there usuing fake money would it …..

  25. Enoch Wasright says:

    Up and coming scammers you mean

  26. iTzFliz says:

    Normal People : Nice VIdeo!
    Dumb Humans : fiRsT 1!11!!!!

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