22 thoughts on “Up-and-coming On line casino Streamers! #7”
  1. JustGamble says:

    what are the winnings at the stakes, I wish I were that lucky

  2. Robert says:

    annoying fat f*ck on anubis

  3. Booly says:

    first ones so cringe

  4. Babo says:

    The bank wins ever

  5. LaNova Bellmanno says:

    Gang Gang Gang <3

  6. lawrence scott says:

    Dear CasinoGrounds. If you can donate a Tesla car for free in a competition, why not donate something to the NHS. Such a small price to pay when thousands of people are dying and putting a strain on our NHS. Thank you.

  7. Timothy Woolley says:

    Mozies403 ? You mean Ellen DeGenerous and her girlfriend

  8. DaveTheRave says:

    This video gave me Coronavirus

  9. Ryder Reels says:

    What are your guys opinions on low stakes casinoi streamers? I am affiliated on twitch and I would absolutely love to start streaming slots. The only thing stopping me is that I can literally only afford 30-40 with me being in a low paid job and having a little girl. If I lost my money I wouldnt be able to deposit more and would literally have to end the stream or jump into a game I play.

    I really want to start but I just need a few opinions on how to go about it

  10. vento piy-piy says:

    what a gay party here?

  11. Mark K says:

    Is this seriously what you consider “up and coming “? Zero personality for most of them and on top of that the young dude that was screaming his head off like an idiot? I really Doubt anyone would want to watch that…

  12. Penny markt says:

    50 x

  13. Maarten Lanjouw says:

    Most cringe video i have ever seen by far

  14. Richard Gray says:

    People are in dept losing jobs and financial difficulties, this stuff needs banning not advertising I can't wait for all this to be shut down scamming

  15. lawrence scott says:

    I see no point in watching these videos anymore. There is a worldwide pandemic killing thousands upon thousands, and here we are watching these gamblers win big as a way to relax??? Are you serious? WAKE UP PEOPLE LIVES ARE ON THE LINE. Donate instead to your local hospitals. Or even volunteer to help the vulnerable people in your area. Please before its too late. Thank you.

  16. Marius Nicola says:

    did he just said "ahahahah nigga"? 12:54

  17. mxka says:

    7:50 cringe as hell

  18. TheMerlin1984 says:

    Casinohoppers….if there ever were an example to not stream, they would be it.

  19. x Shrek says:

    Good videos if you want u can watch my videos

  20. Johnny says:

    "good win" …. 5.04€

  21. John McAuley says:

    Next batch of actors

  22. Remu says:

    These germans just casually dropping the n-bombs xD

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