27 thoughts on “Usada Pekora Can't Cease Enjoying At The On line casino”
  1. yoonmini says:


  2. Tetorin SB says:

    I play gacha and I don’t get good wins and she got very lucky at most she should try real life casino for once at least if she has true of the Irish luck I guess

  3. Asura says:

    "Save the world already"

  4. Asura says:

    Pekora is Alternate World Kazuma Sato

  5. yamaha893 says:

    i worked in a slot room for years everything in this video is true

  6. Ike The Thotslayer, Certified Wife Stealer says:

    Pekora screaming is CUTEEEEE

  7. Withered Bonnie says:

    Kazuma from Konosuba should've done this

  8. Feriztio Januar Abda'u says:

    Damn, setting up my headphones volume too high, and now I can't hear anything

  9. Bruno The Fox says:

    Pekora: I wont get adicted… several minutes later Yabai

  10. Avariem says:

    Gintama Vibes

  11. Haven says:

    I have no idea what’s happening, but there are a lot of flashing lights and noises which is apparently good enough for Pekora

  12. Ummer Farooq says:


  13. Kaeldo says:

    That reminds me..i still need to finish this game XD i love to see her play this and freak out ;D

  14. YuriIsLife says:

    Just an usual Japanese single father who lost his job

  15. Marubin MGD says:

    Dam I remember playing dq and grinding for many hours in the casino for the top prizes to equip my team doing many resets on the long run.

  16. kaito tatsuya says:

    Now,Imagine pekomama listened to this.

  17. JustCallMe_Bell says:

    Yep… That's me when playing pso2… In the casino for hours

  18. Zero Yohanes says:

    1. cutting in line
    2. full sprint to the casino
    3. flirting with some random women
    4. "save the world already", "shut up!"

    aren't you supposed to be the hero?

  19. Trop Pie says:

    Id love to see a fallout newvegas full luck run the casino's with peko

  20. Munche says:

    Local hero trades legendary sword for slot machine tokens.

  21. LoveJuice says:

    i wonder if pekomama watching and also cheering while cleaning/cooking

  22. Kendo Junson says:

    I just die laughing when she immediately starts clapping upon sight of the Casino.

  23. Bloodmoon Angel says:

    Pekora spending all the UsaKen budget 🙁

  24. CRAZYRIPPS says:

    Been playing DQ and had to spend hours in the casino because if you get 100k of tokens you get a good sword Lol. She's playing on the crappy ones too lol.

  25. ZeR0W1 says:

    I don't think I have ever seen Pekora this excited in my entire life

  26. Seiba Lion [SSRB] says:

    How many gamblers go we have so far in Hololive? Fbk, Suisei, Pekora, Miko…

  27. Killfight says:

    When I got to this casino I spent my whole weekend gambling lol

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