21 thoughts on “Vanessa Selbst BLOWS UP and loses $340Ok pot ♠️ Better of The Huge Sport ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Farty Towels says:

    I'm a simple man. I see Doug Polk lose his temper, I click.

  2. Damion Guinn says:

    Huggins looking like a Batman villain.

  3. XK Li says:

    Classic "Win a battle but lose the war".

  4. Dandy9544 says:

    She’s such a crybaby

  5. Jamie Paolinetti says:

    Jerry Sienfeld, "That's a Shame!"

  6. MUSBFRANK says:

    How does this video not have a million views yet, my eyes lit up when I saw the title of this video!!!

  7. Saad Khan says:

    She is not in the same league as these other pros

  8. I Have A Talking Penis And It Says says:

    "Vanessa Selbst is very sexy"…said no penis ever.

  9. Larry Wheeler says:

    I saw her on the bridge tying sheets together.

  10. ChuChuTrain says:

    Selbst was UTG and she was 3 bet by Friedman mid position that already is a sign that he has something strong. J/7 suited def a hand you fold UTG

  11. Dylan Moriarty says:

    Never liked this woman. Attitude, stupid look on her face. She also strikes me as the kind of person that would get mad at me referring to her as a woman. Continue to lose and suck at poker and I’ll continue to watch any table she plays at.

  12. Ryan Hernandez says:

    She always bets on emotion

  13. SaggyPantsAndSquats says:

    Only person I love watch losing more than Vanessa is Helmuth

  14. KenTon Thompson says:

    If you saw Vanessa in the street with them adidas on, you would think she was an undercover tryna cop weed

  15. Alec says:

    Makes you think twice about buying Upswing…

  16. M says:

    Online, those aces would've been cracked 9/10… If I had $1 for every time I was forced All-in preflop, with aces or kings, and lost to some bs two pair. Even if she'd flopped a flush, it still would've been a disgusting call.

  17. viper says:

    she would be a vip even in nl2 zoom pool 😀

  18. Din Djarin says:

    Who Is this Vanessa guy?

  19. Poker Invest says:

    She became a woman for half a second there —->11:13

  20. Mike Stone says:

    i enjoy her loosing…sick temper..buaahh

  21. m p says:

    She gets on my nerves

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